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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Zone Games
Rank: 1 1st Blain Blain uk 143990 Reputation: 20 Recreation The Godfather™ II Leisure Suit Larry Gears of War SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 LEGO Star Wars II
Rank: 2 2nd dazmoto dazmoto 103713 Reputation: 20 Recreation DDR/DS Universe Brothers in Arms: HH NHL® 08 CHAOS;HEAD NOAH 侍道3
Rank: 3 3rd Dooney Dooney0 100288 Reputation: 20 Pro KR: AI Encore LEGO Star Wars: TCS Pac-Man C.E. PAC-MAN MS.PAC-MAN
4th jagattack jagattack 99824 Reputation: 20 Pro Scene It? BOS! Halo 3 Fallout 3 SEGA Superstars Tennis Castle Crashers
5th iGoTiT4FrEe S4W 98420 Reputation: 20 Underground Unreal Tournament® 3 Scene It? LCA Legend of Spyro Scene It? BOS! BF: Bad Company
6th Che Marungo Che Marungo 90107 Reputation: 20 Recreation WWE Legends UNO RUSH™ Peggle Family Game Night Gears of War 2
7th G0nz0killa G0nz0Killa 85549 Reputation: 20 Family Rainbow Six® Vegas Prizefighter GTA IV NFL Head Coach 09 RESIDENT EVIL 5
8th Im a Manatee Im a manatee 79898 Reputation: 20 Recreation Pac-Man C.E. GALAGA Prey NHL 2K8 The Bourne Conspiracy
9th johnnyreid6 PROTOTYPE BRAVO 77414 Reputation: 20 Underground LEGO Star Wars II XMen Origins Wolverine WARRIORS OROCHI 2 Bionicle Heroes Wheelman
10th Bluce_Ree PeaceSquid 76995 Reputation: 20 Family Space Invaders Extreme LMA Manager 2007 FIFA 09 NINJA BLADE Peggle
11th Bonehead Bonehead1967 72984 Reputation: 20 Recreation Burnout Paradise Left 4 Dead XMen Origins Wolverine Tomb Raider:Legend Dead Space™
12th iandmeinseattle IandMEinSeattle 72645 Reputation: 20 Underground SmackDown vs RAW 2008 50 Cent: BotS Fable® II Pub Games Worms Dash of Destruction
13th MONGOLOiDi mongoloidi 70208 Reputation: 20 Recreation Fallout 3 Fallout 3 Trivial Pursuit WWE Legends Hannah The Movie
14th D4rkKn1ghtX4ndR D4rkKn1ghtX4ndR 69735 Reputation: 20 Pro SmackDown vs RAW 2008 UEFA EURO 2008™ Cars Guitar Hero III Guitar Hero II
15th Slam Da Brakes SLAM DA BRAKES 68199 Reputation: 20 Pro Beowulf Prince of Persia Trivial Pursuit RESIDENT EVIL 5 Fallout 3
16th Ryan VintageRyan 63974 Reputation: 20 Recreation FIFA 09 Halo Wars Peggle At World’s End Crash Time
17th SHADYSHEEDY SHADYSHEEDY 61315 Reputation: 20 Underground Call of Duty: WaW UNO STREET FIGHTER IV Call of Duty 4 Smackdown vs RAW 2007
18th Vex Tlor Fett TLOR FETT 60403 Reputation: 20 Pro The Dishwasher UNO Family Game Night TMNT 1989 Arcade Arkadian Warriors
19th whttrashtheman WhtTrashTheMan 58732 Reputation: 20 Underground Conan BF: Bad Company NCAA® March Madness®07 Operation Darkness(NA) Call of Duty 4
20th Levanen Levanen 58707 Reputation: 20 Underground Beowulf FaceBreaker™ Call of Duty 4 KR: AI Encore 2 DDR/DS Universe 2
21st S U IVI O S U IVI O 57795 Reputation: 20 Underground UNO RUSH™ Gears of War Call of Duty: WaW GTA IV Contra
22nd C0bra K0mmander C0BRA K0MMANDER 56279 Reputation: 20 Underground Call of Duty 4 Rock Band BF: Bad Company Call Of Duty 3 Left 4 Dead
23rd msross Msross 53368 Reputation: 20 Underground NASCAR® 09 EU Pure Transformers: The Game Jumper LOTR: Conquest
24th Everton Everton 53345 Reputation: 19 Underground Pure Tomb Raider:Legend FlatOut UC GTA IV Saints Row 2
25th KILLME000 KILL ME 000 52087 Reputation: 20 Pro Call of Duty 4 Ultimate MK3 UNO Halo 3 UNO RUSH™
Showing results 1 to 25 of 66

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