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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games
26th Feisar Racing Feisar Racing 117739
Borderlands 2 Sonic Adventure 2 F1 2012™ Test Drive: FRL Forza Motorsport 4
27th Slydog73 Slydog73 104125
Bejeweled 2 Hunted: Demon's Forge The Gunstringer Gears of War Forza Motorsport 4
28th eddie tubs eddie tubs 101240
Borderlands 2 CoJ: The Cartel Homefront DRIVER San Francisco BINARY DOMAIN
29th IrishMercenary8 IrishMercenary8 93029
Modern Warfare® 3 F1 2012™ Borderlands 2 FIFA 13 FIFA 12
30th Kazeganthi Kazeganthi 92086
Dawn of War II Dragon Age II Warhammer:BattleMarch FC Instincts Predator A Kingdom for Keflings
31st XxB3asti3xX XxB3asti3xX 89271
Borderlands Borderlands 2 Arkadian Warriors Trials Evolution STREET FIGHTER IV
32nd Ranaky Ranaky 70105
resident evil 4 Silent Hill HD Mass Effect 3 Jurassic Park Halo: CE Anniversary
33rd Blutfatal Blut Fatal 61076
Borderlands 2 VANQUISH Dead Space™ 2 Brink Call of Duty: WaW
34th supermum135 Supermum135 54765
35th LADYHEAT MysteriousHeat 47335
Borderlands 2 The Walking Dead Dead Island Full House Poker Kung Fu Panda
36th Bobabacca Bobabacca 45965
Borderlands 2 Borderlands Gears of War 2 TC's Ghost Recon FS Kinect PlayFit
37th Nwehrman11 Worm x3 35980
Crackdown MLB® Stickball Modern Warfare® 3 NBA 2K11 MX vs. ATV Alive
38th Homeslice Homeslice91 34276
Borderlands 2 Angry Birds Trilogy RESIDENT EVIL 5 Gears of War 2 Force Unleashed II
39th mistryman007 mistryman007 30696
Borderlands 2 Modern Warfare® 3 Trials Evolution [PROTOTYPE]™ GTA IV
40th MMMMMMMMMMMMMEH Pantaloon 17730
Borderlands 2 NBA 2K13 Halo: Reach Modern Warfare® 3 Modern Warfare® 2
41st Auscultare Auscultare 3990
Gun Bros OMG: Our Manic Game Angry Birds Contract Killer Fruit Ninja
Showing results 26 to 41 of 41

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