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Default Fallout 3.

Since I have completed this game on PC and seen there is no guide, I thought I would quickly write this up on how to get the Achievements, for the most part they are not real hard, just very time consuming, considering you have to walk everywhere and there is no real direct path from one place to another when in the main DC area. Usually you have to go via here to get to there and tango with Feral Ghouls, Raiders or who knows what else is around, anyway first is a tip: try to have at least 30 on repair and explosives when you first leave Vault 101, this way there are about 5 - 6 Achievements worth about 80 - 100G up for grabs within the first 1 - 2 hours of play.

Do not go straight to Megaton once you leave Vault 101, go down into the town close by, Springvale and explore, more XP, search letterboxes/mailboxes and the ruined houses for goodies. Now head towards the ruined school, more XP, but do not go inside unless you wish to be shoot to pieces by Raiders, too many at this level, go around the back there is only about 3 or 4 Raiders. Loot and search for more goodies, remember even their clothes can be sold for caps, helps early in the game, these 3 - 4 will respawn over time too, the ones inside will not.

I am not going to give you a complete walkthrough for the game, there are a few good ones out there already, I will just quickly explain what is needed for each to unlock during play.

Vault 101 Citizenship Award - 10G

Got the Pip-Boy 3000

Pretty simple this, at your 10th birthday party, you will be congratulated and be given a Pip-Boy 3000.

The G.O.A.T. Whisperer - 10G

Took the G.O.A.T.

Again pretty simple this, make your way to the classroom, see Amata is being hassled by Butch and his gang, make your choices, then take the test, answers do not really matter I think, anyway you will get this after. Note: get the Medicine Bobblehead now, easier!

Escape! - 20G

Completed "Escape!"

Amata wakes with news that you are in trouble, main thing is to get out of Vault 101, she will offer a 10mm Pistol, you can save Butch's mother if you wish to get his jacket, other then that, the guards have 10mm Pistols also. Now is how Trouble on the Homefront quest will pan out later, if you kill anyone important like the Overseer, I tried not too, only a few guards. Note: this will be the last time until later that you can get the Medicine Bobblehead.

Following in His Footsteps - 20G

Completed "Following in His Footsteps"

You will have to go talk to Moriarty who will offer to tell you where your dad is if you give him 100 caps, or you may have to do some 'dirty' work for him, anyway he will point you to the GNR building. Once your there, Sentinel Sarah Lyons is in an assault on the Super Mutants, Super Mutant Brutes, and Super Mutant Masters that are attacking the GNR building, this is your first encounter with a Super Mutant Behemoth. Tip: there is a Fatman on a dead body Brotherhood soldier in the central fountain. Be careful with it! After its dead, you will talk to Three Dog.

Galaxy News Radio - 20G

Completed "Galaxy News Radio"

Of course, before Three Dog helps you, you have to help him (I seen that coming a mile away), he wants you to retrieve the communication relay dish from the Virgo II Lunar Lander in the Museum of Technology and install it at the top of the Washington Monument. The trip to the Museum of Technology will be a ball with lots of Raiders, Feral Ghouls and a few Super Mutants thrown in, so make sure your packing heaps of ammo, weapons and a few Stimpacks. Once inside the Museum of Technology you will soon find its crawling with Super Mutants, the West Wing is where you need to be. Note: you will need 25 for Science and/or 50 for Lockpicking to get through. When you have it, exit the Museum and look west for the Washington Monument, you cannot miss it, there are Brotherhood guards, make your way to the top. Head back to GNR.

Scientific Pursuits - 20G

Completed "Scientific Pursuits"

Three Dog finally tells you about your father, head to Rivet City so you can talk to Dr Li, she will tell you that he went to the Jefferson Memorial. Head there to find notes, number 10 will tell you that he has already left for Vault 112. The Jefferson Memorial has a number of Super Mutants inside and around it. Head for Vault 112.

Tranquility Lane - 20G

Completed "Tranquility Lane"

On entering Vault 112, you will get a humorous line from the robot guard and given a Vault 112 jumpsuit, when you sit in a Tranquility Lounger the simulation that comprises Tranquility Lane begins. Betty will give you series of violent jobs in order to free your father from the simulation, or you can go the other way and activate the 'fail-safe' which gives good karma instead of bad. Once the Tranquility Lounger pod opens, your father will run up to you and begin a conversation, head back to Rivet City. Tip: fast travel back to Rivet City to avoid problems or your father will try to run all the way there.

The Waters of Life - 20G

Completed "The Waters of Life"

When you get back to Rivet City, head to the Science Lab where your father should be waiting, he convinces Dr. Li to reactivate Project Purity. After a short conversation, he asks you to meet him and the scientists at the Jefferson Memorial. Tip: stock up on ammo and weapons and prepare for a fight, as well, free up as much inventory space as you possible can. Once the Super Mutants are all dead, you will have to do some maintenance, while doing this you will see the arrival of the Enclave (now see why you freed up inventory space?). Fight your way back to your father only to see him die with the words RUN, now you will have to escort the rest through the Taft Tunnel to the Brotherhood of Steel stronghold, the Citadel. The tunnels are healthy with Enclave and Feral Ghouls, be careful of your fire, make sure all members are past the sandbags at the end, a horde of Feral Ghouls will appear. Once outside its done.

Picking up the Trail - 20G

Completed "Picking up the Trail"

You will have to talk to Scribe Rothchild, he can usually be found in the laboratory area of the Citadel, he will reveal the location of the Citadel's Vault-Tec terminal, Rothchild reveals the location of Vault 87 and briefs you on the difficulties involved in accessing it, it took a direct hit from a nuke, suggesting you explore a possible entrance within Lamplight Caverns. Once you are at Little Lamplight there are 2 ways you can get into Vault 87, 1) passing through Super Mutant infested Murder Pass, or 2) Asking Mayor MacCready about alternate paths will reveal a locked back door to Vault 87. The first way though longer, scores you a lot of loot and XP (if needed at this point), while the second is faster and saves ammo for the next quest.

Rescue from Paradise - 20G

Completed "Rescue from Paradise"

This only comes about if you DO NOT enter Little Lamplight using speech, you have to agree to accept this quest for entry to Little Lamplight. You can get it just by going to Paradise Falls and going in all guns blazing killing the Slavers and freeing the kids in question. Slavers are quite heavily weaponed, but taking your time will result in success, the benefit to this early on in the game is that killing all the Slavers gets you access to the 'weapon shop' that is at Paradise Falls. You can take EVERYTHING they have, for FREE.

Finding the Garden of Eden - 20G

Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"

Well Vault 87 is of course home to some Super Mutants, but 1 literate Super Mutant named Fawkes who asks to be released, if you do so, he will help you fight and will get the GECK for you as he is immune to radiation, if you try to get it yourself, make sure you have some RadAway, lots off, and there is an Advanced Radiation Suit in a locked storage room on the way to the GECK, help a little. Anyway, as your leaving you will find yourself on the end of Flash Bang and in the hands of the Enclave, again.

The American Dream - 20G

Completed "The American Dream"

When you awake you will find yourself in a cell in Raven Rock, the Enclave hideout, Note: before you go anywhere, grab your gear from the locker in your cell, very soon everyone will start attacking you after a message over the intercom. Its like a maze, make your way to the President's Office, Note: GET THE ENERGY WEAPONS BOBBLEHEAD BEFORE, THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY CHANCE YOU GET! Section 2C, 2 Enclave soliders will come out of the right door, go in the left door, Colonel Autumn's bedroom on the desk. Again, you will not get another chance, you cannot go back out of President Eden's Office either! After your encounter with the 'insane' president, you have convinced him to self-destruct, argue to self-destruct or just used the ZAX self-destruct code you found in Colonel Autumn's bedroom, either way your getting out of there now. Once outside you will see a familiar face, Fawkes is taking care of some Enclave for you. Head back to the Citadel where Rothchild, Owyn Lyons, Sarah Lyons, and the Lyons'

Pride have assembled for a briefing on the upcoming Take it Back! quest.
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Take it Back! - 40G

Completed "Take it Back!"

This is it, the final attack to take back the Jefferson Memorial and Project Purity, not much to do really but sit back and enjoy the show the massive Mini-Nuke-tossing, laser-armed robot Liberty Prime puts on for you. There maybe some 'cleaning up' to do, but your fight will be inside with Colonel Autumn, talking him out of attacking, or killing him if that fails. One decision is left, without Broken Steel DLC installed the game will END after you have made your choice to either sacrifice yourself, talking Sarah Lyons into going in and activating it for you, asking Fawkes to do it or just run like hell out of there and wait for the 'big bang' that is going to happen. If you choose this option, the game will end, even with Broken Steel installed, if the Purifier blows up then there is no future, the events in Broken Steel cannot happen. With Broken Steel installed, there are some more conversation choices you can make, just go in there and save everyone you big scaredy cat!

Note: with Broken Steel DLC installed, you will now awaken back in the Citadel a whole 2 weeks later.

The Power of the Atom - 20G

Completed "The Power of the Atom"

Side Quest: when you first enter Megaton you talk to the Sheriff, Lucas Simms, ask him about the bomb and he will offer you some caps to disarm it or you can go talk to Mister Burke in Moriarty's Saloon who will offer you caps to detonate it, either way you get this when you have completed one or the other. REMEMBER to get the Strength Bobblehead from Lucas Simms house BEFORE you make it go boom!

Big Trouble in Big Town - 20G

Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"

Side Quest: when you stumble upon Big Town you will learn about how the town is under attack from Super Mutants and that some friends are missing, Germantown Police HQ is the place you need to be and do a rescue of Red and Shorty. Easy way is through a door that is locked (100 lockpicking required) which takes you to where Red is, otherwise hard way is to work your way through the building with mutants and centaurs roaming around. After the rescue and have returned to Big Town, you will learn about an attack and will be asked to help, this is where you need 50 in either Science, Small Guns, Explosives or Sneak to teach them how to build/repair Robots (Science), use Firearms (Small Guns), create a Minefield (Explosives) or how to Hide (Sneak) from the mutants. You will do 1 or the 4 things, or you can just leave them to their fate.

The Superhuman Gambit - 20G

Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"

Side Quest: when you find the town of Canterbury Commons you will see that it has become the battleground of two self-proclaimed "superheroes", in the left corner is the AntAgonizer and in the right corner is the Mechanist. Its inhabitants are not very happy about it and want you to help them get rid of them. Either choose which one to take out or do what I did and take out both, use speech to convince them to end it, if that fails kill them. Return to Uncle Roe once done to receive your reward.

The Wasteland Survival Guide - 20G

Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"

Side Quest: the owner of the Craterside Supply in Megaton, Moira Brown, wants you to do some dangerous research for a book she is writing entitled The Wasteland Survival Guide, this is probably the longest side quest of the lot, there are 9 main objectives with each one having an optional objective as well. The conversation choices you have at the end of each objective is dependent on your SPECIAL stats, some will give you bonuses so choose carefully. Here is a great resource I used for the conversation choices: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/The_Wa...Survival_Guide

Notes: if you choose to blow up Megaton, Moira will or should move to the Underworld (inside the Museum of American History), but she can be killed by Raiders along the way. Also, instead of completing the book you can persuade Moira into not writing the book at all, if you have a high enough Speech skill.

Chapter 1:
Main Objective: Find food in the Super Duper Mart.
Optional Objective: Find medicine in the Super Duper Mart.

Not real hard, mostly Raiders to deal with inside the Super Duper Mart, having a Metro Ticket and activating the robot will help with the second wave of Raiders that appear.

Main Objective: Contract 200 Rads.
Optional Objective: Contract 600 Rads.

Very easy as there just happens to be a radioactive bomb in the middle of town, stand in and drink the water to increase your rads, once you have a little over 600 just head back up to Moira.

Main Objective: Travel to the playground in the center of Minefield.
Optional Objective: Retrieve and return a Frag Mine to Moira.

Again not real hard, the 'Light Step' perk makes this even easier as you can disarm the mines without setting them off, the only thing to look out for is the sniper, Arkansas taking shots at you from a building, be careful of the cars exploding.

Chapter 2:
Main Objective: Test the Mole Rat Repellent on 3 Mole Rats.
Optional Objective: Test the repellent on 7 more Mole Rats.

Not real hard, Moira will add a map marker to the Tepid Sewers, several can be found, but Raiders and a turret can be found here too which could kill most of the Mole Rats before you get a chance. More can be found at the RobCo Facility and inside Jury Street Metro Station.

Main Objective: Place an observer unit inside a Mirelurk Egg Clutch in the Anchorage Memorial.
Optional Objective: Complete the main objective without killing a Mirelurk.

The unit will be provided by Moira, a Stealth Boy is really needed here to do the optional objective, or there is another way, head to Anchorage Memorial before accepting the quest, kill the Mirelurks, fast travel back to Megaton and accept the quest from Moira, fast travel back to Anchorage Memorial and do the quest.

Main Objective: Return to Moira with less than 50% of your total health.
Optional Objective: Return to Moira with a crippled body part.

Easily done, jump off the balcony outside of Craterside Supply and land near the bomb, I did this once and was under 50% health with a crippled leg, went back to Moira. At a low level the fall may kill you, if you have done the Minefield quest before, you may already be under 50% health and crippled.

Chapter 3:
Main Objective: Find out the history about Rivet City.
Optional Objective: Find out Rivet City's true history.

Now things start to get a little harder. Speak to a few people in Rivet City, mostly Bannon who will claim he helped found the city, speak to Belle Bonny at the Muddy Rudder bar. She will refuse to help you, but point you to Pinkerton's location in the broken bow of the ship, getting to him is not easy as its locked (100 lock pick needed). Good idea to start The Replicated Man quest now so you do not have to try and go back to Pinkerton later.

Main Objective: Install the processor widget in the RobCo production facility mainframe.
Optional Objective: Hack the RobCo production facility mainframe.

Very simple way to complete this, if you have the Robotics Expert perk, you get the option to tell Moira about the technology in question, successfully completing the quest AND optional objective without going anywhere, however you must get the perk before you start the quest. Otherwise, you must travel to the RobCo Facility and install the processor widget into the mainframe then hack the mainframe, requires 50 in Science. Tip: deactivate the thrid (3rd) protocol.

Main Objective: Access the card catalog at the Arlington Public Library.
Optional Objective: Retrieve complete Library Archive.

Speak to Scribe Yearling, and if you're nice enough, she will let you through, use the terminal at the front desk and you can get the card catalog, main objective done, the optional objective however will cause problems, fighting between the Brotherhood of Steel and Raiders in the other areas of the Library. Combat shottie point-blank works well, be careful of minigun fire from behind, Brotherhood of Steel do not have very good aim.

Completed! The end reward for doing all this quest is the Survival Expert perk, a Mini Nuke, 100 XP, a karma boost and a copy of The Wasteland Survival Guide, she must have a printer hidden in Craterside Supply somewhere. What the Survival Expert perk gives you depends on your answers after completing the objectives.

Those! - 20G

Completed "Those!"

Side Quest: Go anywhere near Grayditch and a boy named Bryan Wilks will approach you to help him find his father, Fred Wilks who seems to be trapped in Grayditch which just happens to be infested with Fire Ants. First you will have to find Bryan's father to find the Shack's Key, in the shack you can find Doctor Lesko's equipment and terminal. Read the notes on the terminal to receive the Marigold Metro Station location. In the Marigold Metro Station you will find Doctor Lesko, he will explain what, where and how. Finally you have to find Bryan a place to stay.
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The Nuka-Cola Challenge - 20G

Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"

Side Quest: Once you find Girdershade, talk to Sierra Petrovita, after the tour, she will ask you to collect Nuka-Cola Quantums and says she will pay 40 caps for each bottle, she needs 30 to fill her Nuka-Cola Vending Machine. The hardest part of this is that Nuka-Cola Quantum is actually rare.

Head of State - 20G

Completed "Head of State"

Side Quest: When you find the Temple of the Union, speaking to Hannibal Hamlin will learn you that he wants to relocate to the Lincoln Memorial and restore the Memorial as a sign of freedom. But first you have to make sure its "clear" and obtain a picture of the Lincoln Memorial in the Museum of American History so Caleb Smith can have a reference to work by. A relatively large number of Feral Ghouls and Glowing Ones will be in the Museum of American History, make sure you have a lot of ammo. Tip: if you have a Ghoul Mask, equipe it to avoid combat with the Ghouls.

The Replicated Man - 20G

Completed "The Replicated Man"

Side Quest: This quest can be started a few different ways, anyway there is an unidentified humanoid robotic prototype, an android, who is hiding from its creator somewhere in the Capital Wasteland, you are now a detective. Start snooping around, there are a few different ways to finish this quest depending on if you want good or bad karma. In the Science Lab, talk to Dr. Zimmer, get a holotape from the doctor in the clinic, get the holotape from behind the pulpit in Saint Monica's Church and another holotape from the Weatherly hotel room labelled Sisters door. At this point you should run into Victoria Watts, go back to the science lab and Dr. Li will have a new prompt regarding Pinkerton, go see him. Make a decision which way you want to end this. Note: if you have not yet been to GNR in the main story, DO NOT talk to Dr. Li about your father!

Blood Ties - 20G

Completed "Blood Ties"

Side Quest: This quest can be started a few different ways too, but mostly Lucy West in Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton is worried about her family in Arefu and asks if you could deliver a letter. Approaching Arefu you will notice a grenade coming towards you, Evan King apologizes, explaining that the town is defending itself from a gang known as The Family. Evan will ask the player to check the Ewers, Schenzy, and West residences to make sure everyone is all right (this starts the quest for the player if he/she didn't meet Lucy). With high enough Medicine, 30+ you will notice "bite" marks on their necks, with 90+ you will also notice "trainyard residue" on the bodies on the Wests, when talking to Evan again another option will appear and he will mention the Meresti Trainyard. Hardest thing is now, on your way through the tunnels are various traps and two mirelurks waiting, once you reach The Family, its a matter of talking and learning about them. When you have reported back to Evan King in Arefu, your done.

Oasis - 20G

Completed "Oasis"

Side Quest: The hardest part of this is actually finding Oasis, it is directly North West of Clifftop Shacks, if the scenery is turning green then your on the right track. There are 3 ways this can be completed, 1) side with Harold and destroy his heart, killing him in the process, 2) side with Birch and apply Birch's Sap to Harold's heart to stop his growth or 3) side with Laurel and apply Laurel's Liniment to Harold's heart to accelerate his growth. Anyway, when your in the caves, you will be dealing with Mirelurks, so pack some good weapons.

Tenpenny Tower - 20G

Completed "Tenpenny Tower"

Side Quest: Basicly there are some Ghouls that wish to live in Tenpenny Tower, of course Tenpenny is not really interested in this idea, chat to Chief Gustavo and he will direct you to the Feral Ghoul infested Warrington Tunnels west of Tenpenny Tower. Now you can go in with all guns blazing to put an end to it quickly, or you can help the Ghouls "break in" to the tower and slaughter the residents, or you can try a diplomatic solution and convince the residents to let the Ghouls move in without *cough* bloodshed. Upon a first return to Tenpenny Tower it seems everything is roses, however, returning again to Tenpenny Tower will find no humans unless you look in the basement... *cough*

Strictly Business - 20G

Completed "Strictly Business"

Side Quest: When you first discover Paradise Falls and attempt to enter it, a guard/slaver will tell you that you cannot enter Paradise Falls unless you have business there. He will offer to let you in only if you go and enslave select people off his VIP list, they are: Flak from Rivet City, Red from Big Town, Susan Lancaster from Tenpenny Tower and Arkansas (the sniper) from Minefield. If any of them are dead already, then they will not be on your list, if all are dead then it will fail, you can also "bribe" your way in. Of course you can go in a more fun way with all guns blazing if you wish like I did, you will come here as part of the main story quest Rescue from Paradise after you have been to Little Lamplight.

Warning: this will get you bad karma with no real way for good karma, even if you help them to escape afterwards, so if you want to go through the game with good or neutral karma you will not be able to do this quest.

You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head - 20G

Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"

Side Quest: Mister Crowley, a resident of Underworld, wants you to find and kill 4 people that he says are Ghoul bigots and deserve it, they are: Dave (at the Republic of Dave), Ted Strayer (in Rivet City), Dukov (at Dukov's Place) and Allistair Tenpenny (at Tenpenny Tower). But after talking to a few others around the Underworld you soon discover that there is more to Mister Crowley and he is after a nice prize of the suit of T-51b Power Armor still stored at Fort Constantine. I doubled-crossed him, I got the keys without killing anyone, went to Fort Constantine opened the doors but did not get the Power Armor, went back to Mister Crowley and gave him the keys, fast traveled back to Fort Constantine and got the Power Armor for myself.

Funny thing was that Mister Crowley came looking for me a few days later...

Stealing Independence - 20G

Completed "Stealing Independence"

Side Quest: Abraham Washington in Rivet City would like you to go to the National Archives to get the Declaration of Independence for him to display in the Capitol Preservation Society. Raiders, Mirelurks and Feral Ghouls will be your main enemies along the way until you get to The National Archives where you will find Sydney in the rotunda on the first floor. She was also sent by Abraham Washington to get the Declaration of Independence before you, but never returned. Now you will have 2 waves of Super Mutants come at you, Tip: if you are reading this first now you know, lay some mines in the doorway before hand, once the muties are dead you will be able to talk to her again and team up to get the Declaration.

Trouble on the Homefront - 20G

Completed "Trouble on the Homefront"

Side Quest: will not be available until after completing The Waters of Life quest, seems all is not well on the home front in Vault 101. Return to Vault 101 and talk to Amata, talk to the Overseer, would not even bother talking to Butch, anyway try to use the speech skill to convince everyone to settle down. Amata will take control of the Vault, you will not be able to enter again, so make sure you have the Medicine Bobblehead from your father's office and opened the locked safe behind the bible quote in the same room.

Agatha's Song - 20G

Completed "Agatha's Song"

Side Quest: an old woman living alone named Agatha, would like you to retrieve the Soil Stradivarius from Vault 92 which was owned by her great-great-grandmother Hilda. If you do not know where Vault 92 is, you will have to go to Vault-Tec Headquarters first, when you have the location make your way there. Now, Vault 92 is infested with Mirelurks, Mirelurk Hunters and Mirelurk Kings, so make sure you are packing some damn good firepower or you will end up dead fast. Tip: if you use the Noise Flush command on one of the security terminals in the Living Quarters, it will kill all the Mirelurks in the Living Quarters for you, no XP gain! Bloatflies and Radroaches can be found too but no real hassles.

Agatha would also like the Sheet Music Book, there are 6 around the Wasteland, easy ones to find are in Springvale Elementary School, while your in Vault 92, The National Archives and the Arlington Library. Bring her this will net you a nice Scoped .44 Magnum "Blackhawk" from her husband's ammo box.
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Reilly's Rangers - 20G

Completed "Reilly's Rangers"

Side Quest: this can be started a few different ways, find Reilly in the Underworld and having hight enough speech or medicine to wake her so you can talk to her, or picking up on the Ranger Emergency Frequency somewhere near the Statesman Hotel or just by going to the top of the Statesman Hotel. Either way, your going against Super Mutants, you have to help the Rangers back to their HQ, Tip: give them some ammo so they can help you, especially that minigun. You will have to repair the elevator with a fission battery, if your not carrying one, you have to go back down to the restaurant and get one.

Tip: recommend do this before Stealing Independence to get the holotape labeled, A Note from Little Moonbeam's Father, it is very important to Sydney, this will net you her 10mm "Ultra" SMG after you complete it. Mid level of the Statesman Hotel, under a skeleton in a bedroom on the floor with the elevator going to the restaurant. SEARCH!

Reaver - 10G

Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Mercenary - 10G

Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Protector - 10G

Reached Level 8 with Good Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Harbinger of War - 20G

Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Pinnacle of Survival - 20G

Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Ambassador of Peace - 20G

Reached Level 14 with Good Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Scourge of Humanity - 30G

Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Paradigm of Humanity - 30G

Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma

Simple, see Last, Best Hope of Humanity Achievement.

Last, Best Hope of Humanity - 30G

Reached Level 20 with Good Karma

All of these are based on your choices you make through the game, whether you get bad or good karma, giving purified water to a begger is of course good, but killing someone you should not like people in Megaton is bad. You can balance bad with good and vice-versa, but sometimes you can get too much, like blowing up Megaton that you just cannot balance to remain neutral. Reason why 3 play throughs maybe needed.

Weaponsmith - 30G

Made one of every custom weapon

There are 7 custom weapons in the Fallout 3 that you need the Schematics to construction at a Workbench, they are: Bottlecap Mine, Dart Gun, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Nuka Grenade, Railway Rifle, Rock-It Launcher and the Shishkebab. Each one requires different components to construct, somethings you would never even think to pick up and take while your exploring, like a toy car, turpentine or a leaf blower. Some components can be heavy and add a lot of weight, so if you see womething remember and come back later.

Doesn't Play Well with Others - 20G

Killed 300 people

Any humans count towards this, also Ghouls (non-feral type), so Raiders, Talon Company Mercs, Slavers, Enclave...

Slayer of Beasts - 20G

Killed 300 creatures

Creatures of the other sort, Mirelurks, Deathclaws, Dogs, Mole Rats, Bloatfly, Radroach, Radscorpion...

Silver-Tongued Devil - 20G

Won 50 Speech Challenges

Naturally early on in the game the Speech is going to be hard to win, Tip: save your game before you attempt, if you fail just reload your game and try again. There are more then 50 through out the game, if you include the side quests, Underworld is a good place to start You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest has 19 possible speech wins in all.

Data Miner - 20G

Hacked 50 terminals

There are more then 50 through out the game, but remember if you fail and the terminal 'locks' you cannot try again. Tips: if you only have 1 more try before lock exit, this will reset the terminal and password. Also, you may see matching brackets like: () [] {} or with other characters between, but not a whole word. For example you may see something like this on a line: )(@ and by moving your pointer over the first and clicking will remove a dud/fake password or even reset your guesses.

Keys are for Cowards - 20G

Picked 50 locks

As it says, while you play through the game you will come across 'locks' on doors, safes and other things for you to play a little mini game. The more you do, you will start to see the 'pattern' how this works, the very easy and easy locks, start at about 45 degrees with your bobby pin and 'tap' your screwdriver, if does not move, rotate the other way, tweak to open. For hard and very hard locks the bobby pin does not need to be off center by very much at all, mostly needs more tweaking to open, only do small movements.

One-Man Scouting Party - 20G

Discovered 100 locations

I think from memory there are about 160 locations on the map without DLC, so this will take some time to complete, you must actually GO TO 100 locations for this to unlock, you can also get the EXPLORER Perk to help with this as I did, but the catch is that it only becomes available at level 20 though.

Psychotic Prankster - 10G

Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing

Pretty easy, better if you have a Stealth Boy, anyway sneak up on someone from behind, pick pocket them, now as you would take things from them, just place a grenade in their pocket. No good karma for doing this of course, unless you do it to a slaver in Paradise Falls.

The Bigger They Are… - 20G

Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths

There are 5 Super Mutant Behemoths in the game, the first one you will have to kill during the main story quest at the GNR building, the other 4 are as follows:

Jury Street Metro: just west off, you will find some overturned train wagons, inside is a cage with a "teddy bear" begging to be taken, once you do he will spawn, may take sometime though as I found out. Tip: mine the path leading down to the wagon from the road.
Evergreen Mills: locked in a electrified cage, will escape if you destroy the generator near the cage gate, will attack Raiders as well as you so can be useful if you 'hide' for a short time, or just snipe him from a distance for easy kill.
Capitol Building: you will find him in the middle, where the big dome is fighting Talon Company Mercs, possible he may be dead or near to dead which will make your job a little easier either way.
Takoma Park: actually in between Takoma Park and Takoma Industrial, you can find Mini-Nuke artillery strike on top of a truck, breaks after a few fires, but can be repaired.

Yes, I Play with Dolls - 10G

Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

You will get this one after you have found and collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.

Vault-Tec C.E.O. - 30G

Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

Once you have found and collected all 20 of the Vault-Tec Bobbleheads you will get this one, there is only 2 that you can really miss out on if your not careful, the 1 in Lucas Simms house if you blow up Megaton and the 1 in Raven Rock while doing The American Dream quest of the main story, *IF* you miss this one there is no way to re-enter Raven Rock and get it.
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DLC : Operation Anchorage

Aiding the Outcasts - 20G

Completed "Aiding the Outcasts"

Side Quest: Not too hard, after installing the Operation: Anchorage DLC, investigate the Distress Signal, head to Bailey's Crossroads, a few Feral Ghouls to contend with, once there, help the Brotherhood Outcasts against the Super Mutants. Now you will be told to speak with Protector McGraw at the bottom of the elevator, after conversations you will learn that the VR program is a simulation of the Anchorage Reclamation with safety measures disabled. Blah blah blah, enter the simulation pod.

The Guns of Anchorage - 20G

Completed "The Guns of Anchorage"

Side Quest: The main objective of this quest is to knock out three artillery guns. Not much I can tell you, what weapons you have is what weapons you get, you cannot pick up any that the enemies drop, from time to time you will find more ammo. 4 of the 10 intel cases can be found during this.

Paving the Way - 20G

Completed "Paving the Way"

Side Quest: In this quest, you have to destroy the fuel tanks at the enemy Chimera Depot, clear a Listening Post of all Chinese presence, and disable their Pulse Field. According to Chase, you should not try to disable the Pulse Field before you have completed the other objectives. I know, not much I can help, they are not real hard, pretty much one way path through. Another 4 of the 10 intel cases can be found during this.

Operation: Anchorage - 40G

Completed "Operation: Anchorage"

Side Quest: This is it, the final assault on the Chinese compound, the main objective is to either kill General Jingwei or convince him that the battle is lost. If you fail he will attack you, his sword does big damage so be careful, once he is dead the simulation finishes, you are back at the Outcast Outpost. Your reward is waiting. The last of the 10 intel cases can be found during this quest, finding all will get you the Covert Ops perk.

Note: if my memory is correct, I came across some enemies wearing the Chinese Stealth Armor during these quests, so keep your eyes open just in case.

There you go, hope someone will find all that useful.
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Awesome guide for an awesome game. Even a DLC guide!!!

I loved the game but there are a lot of miss-able achievements which I found out the hard way.

Like I [spoiler=story] I killed the father in the beginning [/spoiler] which made it impossible to collect a Bobblehead later on.

Also unlike Oblivion, waiting doesn't replenish health, so it was annoying to try and find somewhere to sleep while enemies were chasing you!

Will post on main site. Thanks!
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I'm just happy because I was starting to feel obligated to write a guide on this and now I don't have to lol
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Default Fallout 3

Just a quick heads up on the level up Achievements, If you save before you level up (preferebly with neutral karma) get your gamerscore, i.e 10g lvl 8. Now load your save b4 level up and go kill a good guy or two for bad karma or go give money to the church of atom or st Monica down at rivet city for good karma etc etc. This becomes a whole lot easier later on when you get the Karmic Balance Perk, I would recomend saving this for lvl 30 (if download is applied). If you think about it you can save just before you level up get all three achievements then load it again and choose a much more useful perk than karma balance!!
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Default Mothership Zeta

Okay the newest of all dlc's to Fallout 3 but yet pretty much the easiest when it comes to combat so no need to worry about getting raged on at a low level(i did the whole dlc at level 3) so here is my guide for this dlc.

Not Of This World-20g
Okay this one is just pretty much find the crashed alien ship than you need to escape from your cell by staging a fight. You will encounter a little girl named Sally(I think) she will help you on your quest to escape the ship. The aliens you will encounter will die in one hit(if on normal or if you have incredible melee and energy weapon stats) because the alien weapons are so powerful. You need to help Sally reach the engineering core and there will be a room full of cryo statis people and your achievement will pop up.

Among the Stars-20g
Okay in the room with the cryo statis people after you free them the astronaut will die from the cryo statis and you will need to take his suit and trust me it saves you time. Sally tells you that you need to sabatoge key componets of the ship so you can use the teleporters. One is in Cryo Storage(same room you found the cryo statis people in), One in the Hangar(to the right of the big engineering core depending on which way you are looking at it), and one more directly across the way from the hangar(I forgot the name). Once all three are disabled you will need to go on the outside of the ship and here is where the spacesuit comes in hand. When you are trying to activate the main teleporter there will be little fusion things that pop up and out of place while you are outside and these are round silver and yellow looking things(very easy to miss and very hard to spot) once that is done you will be able to teleport up closer to the bridge. You will need to disable a death ray and the way to do it is there is two control panals in the death ray room the one on the right is the one you will use but only press the very far right button therefore it opens the cooling system things to open once that is done you can reach the bridge and there you go another one unlocked.

This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough....-40g
Okay this one is when you finally reach the bridge and another alien ship comes into view and starts to attack you. Best thing to do to avoid being killed(which can happen even on the very easy difficultly) is to fully charge up your shields which is the middle button of three near the captians chair. After the other ship shoots at you hit the right button than fire your death ray. After that rinse and repeat. However there will be a time when your power does go out, no big deal considering its just a tiny wave of aliens that teleport to the bridge and once they are dead you can attack the big ship again. This one is pretty much straigt forward.

Alien Archivist-20g
Okay you need to find all alien captive logs and these can be missed and you will have to start all over again so I recommend using this guide here http://www.xbox360achievements.org/f...d.php?t=165925 it helped me out so much.

Overall I would rate this dlc a 5 out of 10 it is not worth the 800 ms


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40k Achievement- Sob Story-Left 4 Dead 2
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wow im surprised you actually played it on the pc i mean i did but it was add achievment 1 add achievement 2 and so on and so fourth lol i did it the fast way lol but actually had to play the xbox version lol how dare they
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