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Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa
10 -15 Hours
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Thursday, 28 January 2010 16:27
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




New York or Bust  - 25 points

Complete In Madagascar


Airborne - 25 points

Complete Prepare to Launch


Wild in Africa - 25 points

Complete Welcome to Africa


What A Hole - 50 points

Complete The Watering Hole


Hit The Road - 25 points

Complete Penguin Caper


Driver's License - 25 points

Complete Convoy Chase


Part of the Pride - 25 points

Complete Rites of Passage


Log-A-Rhythm - 25 points

Complete Mort's Adventure


Expert Swimmer - 25 points

Complete Water Caves


Social Haul - 25 points

Complete Wooing Gloria


Hot Footed - 25 points

Complete Volcano Rave


Airborne Redux - 25 points

Complete Fix The Plane


Happily Ever After - 50 points

Complete Dambusters


No Balls Wasted - 15 points

Finish Balloon Kicking with 100% accuracy on In Madgascar


Super Perfect Boost - 15 points

Finish a Dive with 3 Perfect Boosts


Slingshot Savvy - 15 points

Hit 3 bullseyes out of 6 targets using Mort's Slingshot in Prepare To Launch


Perfect Guardian - 15 points

Do not allow a single mole to escape in the Fireworks minigame on Prepare To Launch


No More Scorpions - 15 points

Hit 10 Scorpions with one Durian shot on Welcome to Africa


High and Dry - 15 points

Complete Melman's Boulder Roll on the first try without getting wet in Welcome to Africa


Lucky Seven - 15 points

Cure 7 patients in a row without failing in Melman's Clinic


It's A Legitimate Strategy - 15 points

Take all the shortcuts during Marty's Race on The Watering Hole


The Penguin Who Never Missed - 15 points

Complete Soda Toss with fewer cans thrown than guards defeated in Penguin Caper


Candy Pain - 15 points

Scare off all 10 guards with 20 pieces of candy or less in Penguin Caper


Airborne Danger - 15 points

Disable a truck from above in Convoy Chase


Give Me A Sign - 15 points

Take out 50 road signs in Convoy Chase


Expert Chair Sitter - 15 points

Complete Musical Chairs without losing a round


Mango Madness - 15 points

Hit 3 lions by roaring their own mangoes back at them in a game of Dodgeball


Banana Split - 15 points

Land on Rocket Target Without Using Banana Balloons in Fix The Plane


Paydirt - 15 points

Hit the Jackpot on Chimp Change in Fix The Plane


Paparazzi - 15 points

Snap all pictures without getting seen by Moto-Moto once in Wooing Gloria


Boulder Buster - 15 points

Smash all the boulders in Wooing Gloria


Blubbery Bubbly Boulder Buster - 15 points

Smash all the Boulders in the Water Caves


Bubble Blower - 15 points

Bubble all the Crocs in the Water Caves


Pinball ...Sorcerer - 15 points

Complete the Pinball Game without getting eaten by the Croc on Mort's Adventure


Lizard King - 15 points

Defeat all the lizards in Mort's Adventure


King of the Durian - 15 points

Take out 4 Balloons with one durian on Dambusters


Master Aviator - 15 points

Dodge 12 Balloon Missiles on Dambusters


Patterning Paragon - 15 points

Complete any song on Hard without missing a pattern on Volcano Rave


So Bad, It's Good - 15 points

Complete any Rave Song on Hard without hitting ANY of the patterns


Good With Monkeys - 50 points

Collect all monkeys


Coin Collector - 50 points

Collect all coins


Ace in the Hole - 15 points

Score a Hole in One on Minigolf


Express Elevator - 15 points

Fall 75 feet


Arcade Emperor - 30 points

Complete all Africa Arcade games on Hard


Easy there, Tiger - 15 points

Hole-In-One without hitting the ground on Bag Check minigolf hole


Strategery - 15 points

Beat Sun-Tzu difficulty AI opponent on Jungle Chess


Golfin' Greatness - 15 points

Score 27 or less in a standard 9-hole Minigolf game


Last Critter Standing - 15 points

Win the Jungle Chess game with 1 character left


Attentive in class... - 15 points

25 instances of watching a cutscene without skipping it