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Tomb Raider : Underworld
10 -15 Hours
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Monday, 01 February 2010 11:53
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




Prologue - 25 points

Complete the Prologue


Master Survivalist - 100 points

Complete the game on hardest possible settings


Treasure Collector - 30 points

Find 10 Treasures


Skilled Treasure Collector - 40 points

Find 50 Treasures


Dedicated Treasure Collector - 50 points

Find 100 Treasures


Master Treasure Collector - 60 points

Find all 179 Treasures


Relic Collector - 30 points

Find a Relic


Dedicated Relic Collector - 50 points

Find 3 Relics


Master Relic Collector - 70 points

Find all 6 Relics


Swan Diver I - 10 points

In one adventure, swan dive off one of the three highest points over water in the game


Swan Diver II - 10 points

In one adventure, swan dive off two of the three highest points over water in the game


Master Swan Diver - 10 points

In one adventure, swan dive off the three highest points over water in the game


Climber - 5 points

Execute a chimney jump of at least 2 wall kicks


Master Climber - 10 points

Execute a chimney jump of at least 4 wall kicks


Speed Demon I - 5 points

Drive into Xibalba in under 45 seconds


Speed Demon II - 5 points

Drove from the top of Valgrind to the bottom in under 50 seconds


Speed Demon III - 5 points

Drive through the Valhalla Maze in under 40 seconds


Master Speed Demon - 10 points

Beat all three Speed Demon challenges


Roadkiller - 5 points

Kill an enemy by running over it with the motorcycle


Master Roadkiller - 10 points

Kill five enemies by running over them with the motorcycle


Grenadier - 10 points

Kill two enemies with one grenade


Master Grenadier - 10 points

Kill three enemies with one grenade


Weapons Expert - 5 points

Execute an Adrenaline Attack headshot on an enemy


Weapons Master - 10 points

Execute ten Adrenaline Attack headshots


Secret Achievements


Mediterranean Sea Expedition - 50 points

Mediterranean Sea Expedition successfully completed


Coastal Thailand Expedition - 75 points

Coastal Thailand Expedition successfully completed


Croft Manor Expedition - 25 points

Croft manor Expedition successfully completed


Southern Mexico Expedition - 100 points

Southern Mexico Expedition successfully completed


Jan Mayen Island Expedition - 50 points

Jan Mayen Island Expedition successfully completed


Andaman Sea Expedition - 25 points

Andaman Sea Expedition successfully completed


Arctic Sea Expedition - 100 points

Arctic Sea Expedition successfully completed





This game has cheats that DO NOT AFFECT ACHIEVEMENTS.






These codes only work if the game has NOT been patched with the Title Update 2. Be warned, the codes were removed by the developers due to a glitch reoccurring at certain levels. You will  need to remove the update or decline the update if playing the game for the first time, for the cheats to become active. CLICK HERE for more information and how to do this.



You need to enter these while playing the game. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.



 CHEAT                                                           EFFECT
Hold LT and press A, RT, Y, RT, X, LB Invincibility
Hold LT and press Y, A, Y, X, LB, B One Shot Kills
hold LT and press X, B, A, LB, RT, Y Draw Enemy Health