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Game Party In Motion
5 - 10 hours
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Thursday, 30 December 2010 03:58
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




Bag Toss Perfect Scores - 60 points

Score 2 bags in the hole in Bag Toss in a single round


Won Table Hockey - 15 points

Win a game in Table Hockey


Won Pool Hall Party - 15 points

Win a game in Pool Hall Party


Won Horseshoe Hysteria - 15 points

Win a game in Horseshoe Hysteria


Won Bag Toss - 15 points

Win a game of Bag Toss


Won Shoveboard - 15 points

Win a game in Shoveboard


Won Double Rackets - 15 points

Win a game in Double Rackets


Pool Hall Party Running A Table - 60 points

Run the table in Pool Hall Party (opponent doesn't get to shoot)


Won Bocce Ball - 15 points

Win a game of Bocce Ball


Tic Tac Toe Face-Off 4 In a Row - 50 points

Get 4 in a row in first 4 beats in Tic Tac Toe Face-Off


Won Tic Tac Toe Face-Off - 15 points

Win a game in Tic Tac Toe Face-Off


Bocce Ball Shutout - 70 points

Shutout an opponent in Bocce Ball


Bull's Eye - 50 points

Get a bulls eye in Darts


Double Racquets Shutout - 50 points

Shut out your opponent in Double Racquets


Hoop Shoot 50 Score - 50 points

Score 50 or more in Hoop Shoot


Horseshoe Hysteria Ringer - 50 points

Get a ringer in Horseshoe Hysteria


Ping Cup 3 In A Row - 60 points

Get 3 Cups in a row in Ping Cup


Puck Bowling Turkey - 50 points

Get a turkey (3 strikes in a row) in Puck Bowling


Table Hockey Shutout  - 60 points

Shut out your opponent in Table Hockey


Skill Ball 100 Score - 50 points

Get a ball in the 100 score ring in Skill Ball


Root Beer Tapper 300 points - 50 points

Score 300 or more in Root Beer Tapper


Smack-a-Troll Perfect Hits - 50 points

Get 3 perfect hits in a row in Smack-a-Troll


Shoveboard Perfect Scoring - 70 points

Score 2 pucks in the #4 score zone in Shoveboard


QB In Motion 150 - 50 points

Score 150 or more points in QB In Motion