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Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster
5 - 10 hours
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Thursday, 13 October 2011 11:18
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




Our Story Begins - 15 points

Play through the tutorial!


Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now - 35 points

Run through the Electric Jungle without hitting any obstacles!


Fine Leather Jackets - 15 points

Dress up a monster in Seamus's Fashion Grotto!


Fruit Fly - 20 points

Collect 110 pieces of fruit from the Tree of Plenty!


Happy Birthday! - 10 points

Help Marco blow out his birthday candles!


Party Time - 25 points

Throw a birthday party for Marco!


Real Trashy - 15 points

Throw trash into Oscar's trash can!


Weed Whacker - 20 points

Pull up 50 weeds in Shelby's garden!


Seed Sprouter - 10 points

Plant a seed and water it to grow a little sprout!


Fastest Florist - 35 points

Tune a set of flowers in 17 seconds or less!


Green Thumb - 25 points

Help rebuild Shelby's garden!


Imperial Style - 20 points

Send Seamus onstage in three different emperor outfits!


Make Some Noise - 15 points

Give the dramatic flower chorus something to say!


It's Really a Super Food - 10 points

Perform the broccoli pose!


Standing Ovation - 35 points

Perform every pose in Seamus's play!


Acting Coach - 25 points

Help Seamus put on his play!


Grrhoof Groomer - 10 points

Pull a stick off of Grrhoof!


Puffalope Petter - 15 points

Make friends with a Puffalope!


Stuffalope - 20 points

Feed 50 biscuits to the Puffalopes!


Grrhoof Be Nimble - 35 points

Keep your balance, and don't fall in the mud!


Love Them and Pet Them - 25 points

Help Grrhoof make friends with the Puffalopes!


Gotcha! - 10 points

Catch a Doo-Ray while parachuting!


Parachute Power - 35 points

Reach the bottom of the Tree of Plenty without hitting more than three obstacles!


Muddy Monsters - 20 points

Wash off the Doo-Rays 10 times!


Grand Marshal - 15 points

March in the parade with Tallulah and the Doo-Rays!


76 Trombones - 25 points

Help reunite Tallulah and the Doo-Rays!


Right Said Sled - 35 points

Go through every wind gust on the sledding run!


Give 'Em the Brushoff - 15 points

Dust the snow off of all the monsters!


And Then There Was A… - 20 points

Narrate Ramona's story two or more times!


Stalefish McCookie - 10 points

Do a trick on the sled!


Storyteller - 25 points

Tell stories with Ramona!


The End - 100 points

Play through every chapter in the book!


Again! Again! - 30 points

After playing through the whole book, play through any page again!


Monster Helper - 35 points

Play through every page in the book three times or more!


Two's Company - 35 points

Play through any page with two players!


Jazz Hands - 35 points

Play through every dance page in the book with two players!


Twinkle, Twinkle - 15 points

Collect 5 stars!


Starstruck - 20 points

Collect 25 stars!


Advancing with the Stars - 20 points

Collect 50 stars!


Luminous Balls of Plasma - 25 points

Collect 75 stars!


Milky Way - 40 points

Collect all the stars!