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Iron Man 2 Trailer
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 08 February 2010 00:00


Here we go..War Machine has entered the fight. A new trailer (after the break) for Iron Man 2 came out on the weekend and with news of Xbox Live will be closing on April 15, it kind of slip passed me. What's that? Xbox Live is shutting down?...


It is if you own an original Xbox or STILL playing Halo 2. Never mind that, lets get back to Iron Man 2 shall we. The first Iron Man game (and I can only think of one adjective at the moment for it) was pants. The controls were pants. The graphics was pants. I tried it for a whole two minutes at Shadysheedy's place before coming to the conclusion that the entire game was pants. Shadysheedy on the other hand managed to write a guide for it here. So this next one? I don't think War Machine is going to make any difference.


Iron Man 2 The Video Game is due May 4.




[source SEGA Blog]


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Comments (5)
    Is being 'pants' a bad thing?
  • Jim  - Xbox Live Shutting down
    Why is xbox live closing down on april 15
  • Slam Da Brakes
    @ Jim

    Xbox Live Service will discontinue for the ORIGINAL Xbox, not the 360.
  • Cryptic Panther
    never played the first Iron Man game. I was told it was total trash. this looks good but looks are not everything.
  • FlowingBits
    Yeah what is being pants?
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