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Portal : Still Alive
Written by LIST ONLY   
Sunday, 21 February 2010 07:01
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




Go for the Gold - 15 points

Win a gold metal on a challenge map.


Out of the Blue - 25 points

Once you have control of both portals, only enter the orange portal.


Rat's Tale - 15 points

Find all the Rat Man dens.


Is Anyone There? - 20 points

Complete the game without ever taking a bullet.


Saw That One Coming - 5 points

Cause a rocket sentry to destroy its own rocket when the rocket has been redirected back towards it.


The Camera Adds 10 Pounds - 10 points

Knock a turret over with a security camera.


Like a Rat - 20 points

Trap yourself in a test chamber so that GLaDOS has to help you continue.


A Feeling Like Floating - 5 points

Dissolve a turret.


Tests Like Chicken - 15 points

Find the chicken's test results.


Cupcake - 10 points

Beat 5 advanced chambers


Fruitcake - 25 points

Beat 10 advanced chambers


Vanilla Crazy Cake - 35 points

Beat all advanced chambers