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Friday, 26 February 2010 10:12
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




First Win - 20 points

Defeated an opponent in Single Player or Multiplayer mode


Perfect - 25 points

Earn a Perfect in a Single Player or Multiplayer match


Infight - 25 points

Scored a close-range attack in Single Player or Multiplayer mode


300 Hits - 25 points

Scored a total of 300 hits in Single Player or Multiplayer mode


Rank In - 15 points

Uploaded a Score Attack score to rankings


1 Ranked Match - 10 points

Played one ranked match


10 Ranked Matches - 20 points

Played 10 ranked matches


Watch A Game - 10 points

Watched one match


Custom VR - 10 points

Used a customized VR in Single Player mode


VS. Ajim - 20 points

Battled Ajim (Ajim appears after winning repeatedly by letting time expire in Arcade mode)


Bradtos - 10 points

Defeated Bradtos in Arcade mode.


Tangram - 10 points

Defeated Tangram in Arcade mode. Letting time expire does not count as a win