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New Gears of War at E3?
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 00:00


You know and I know it, it has got to be a new Gears of War. What else could it be? Speaking at Gamesbeat, EPIC president Mike Capps hinted at a new game announcement to be made at E3 and it will be really exciting for EPIC fans...


Some people have suggested it may be a new Shadow Complex or Unreal Tournament. Why would you wait until E3 to announce these titles? You only announce the mother of all games at E3, the video games industry expo, otherwise it will get buried with all the other big announcements. I am telling you, it is Gears of War. EPIC are just trying to be funny.


[source Gamesbeat]



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Comments (6)
  • Pureskillz
    Clearly gears of war 3.
  • Levanen  - Gears
    If they do a Gears again they need something new like a locust campaign that would be pretty neat.

    Maybe they have a new game that might be the next best thing!!
  • Metal X76  - Fingers Crossed
    Oh please please let it be Gears 3.
    As Levanen said a locust capaign would be cool but please not another level 100 rank, think I made it to 34.
  • Cryptic Panther
    to tell the truth i never completed gears 1. I only played a few rounds of the horde on gears 2, so i better get my a$$ in gear ( no pun intended ) and get caught up before the launch ( or possible launch ) of gears 3.
  • HardBoiled  - Really now....

    You folks really going to buy Gears 3 after the Epic (no pun intended) fail that gears 2 was/is??
  • Metal X76  - ???
    We must have played a different game than you. You must be talking about Halo.
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