Dead Rising 2 Map
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 00:00


Over at Capcom Blog they have posted a Dead Rising 2 map. Catch the full version here and take a look. There seems to be the same amount of save points. I am confused as I am sure Capcom announced the save system would be more forgiving...


Multiple save slots they said. Well that's all very good but it doesn't help if there are only seven points to rush to, most of them being in bathrooms again. Trust Capcom not to make it too easy.


Dead Rising 2 is due September 28





Video Games | Dead Rising 2 | SDCC 10: Something For Everyone Trailer
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Comments (2)
  • Master AO  - C'mon Capcom
    What about us 'lazy' gamers?

    I will give them credit for not bending towards the casual gaming theme and sticking with such a challenging format for saves.
  • Anonymous
    what i hate about save points is recollecting the collectibles every time i die.
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