Toy Soldiers Achievements
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Thursday, 04 March 2010 00:00


Kicking off the Xbox Live Block Party, is a game called Toy Soldiers. This game looks super easy as you are playing with miniature cast soldiers. Like how hard could it be? Everything is tiny including a Zeppelin and a flame thrower...


The tanks even have wind up keys. You can also have soldiers fight on their own or in 3rd person mode and split screen is available for local battles or over Xbox Live.  See how easy this is starting to look? Start organizing your boosting sessions now.


[video source Gamerbytes]


Toy Soldiers is available on Xbox Live Arcade now.










Jumped the Bags - 10 points

Complete level 1


Old Contemptible -20 points

Defeat Tsar Tank


Flying Pig - 20 points

Defeat Zeppelin


Old Sweat - 20 points

Defeat Uber Tank


Coffin Nails - 30 points

Complete the Campaign


Foot Slogger - 10 points

Earn General Rank on any level


Pickled Monkey - 15 points

Win a Multiplayer Match on every level


Throw a Seven - 15 points

Complete any level in Elite mode


Pip, Squeak & Wilfred - 5 points

Survive until Round 5


Fire in the Hole - 10 points

Guide a shell to its destination


Sweet Fancy Adams - 20 points

Earn General Rank on all Campaign levels


Brass Hat - 25 points

Complete Campaign+ and earn all Ration Tickets








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