A Few Halo Reach Achievements
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 00:00


Unfortunately the achievements for Halo Reach have not been leaked yet - well not through unnamed sources as with Halo: ODST - so Bungie have decided to leak them anyway. Not really the same thing when the developer leaks them...


Bungie actually have not revealed all of the achievements with only a few descriptions, but they have revealed all of the achievement pics. There are forty-nine achievements in total and twenty-three are campaign achievements. Seven will be Firefight, nine player experience, four multiplayer and and six training achievements. Below is what they given so far:


A Monument To All Your Sins - Complete each Campaign Mission on Lengendary - alone
Banshees, Fast and Low - Hijack a Banshee during the Reach Campaign
Yes, Sensei - Earn a First Strike Medal in a Matchmaking game
A New Challenger - Complete all of the Daily Challenges in a given day
Make It Rain - Purchase an item from the Armory that requires the rank of Lt.Colonel


Complete Campaign Mission on Lengendary - alone? They have gone back Halo 2 so no more co-op for Legendary. Shoot, now we have to work for it. 


Halo : Reach is due September 14.


[source Bungie]





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Comments (6)
    I love and hate the idea of legendry solo, why I will do it it will solo and yeah it will be tough but it will take so many gamers away from the co-op campaign on legendry. If I do it solo legendry I can imagine it will be cake co-op 4 players. So many of my buddies will be caught up in solo for weeks!
    It's a game for the long haul here no easy points it's probably going to be my last max for a while hanging up the cheevo boots for a go out with a bang!
  • SnackPak1138
    I think that the first three pictures are complete it on Normal, Heroic and Legendary, then the 4th picture is Legendary solo. They are focusing this Halo as a squad-based shooter. It would be stupid to not be able to play it in co-op.
  • One Sick Sith
    Legendary on Solo Campaign? Awesome...about time for an achievement for it.
    It's a great way to show that a person has what it takes to be a true Legendary Halo fan and player. I love the idea for the challenge and Bungie did awesome work to put people to the test. Co-op shouldn't be out of the picture and probably will be easier from the solo campaign, but when is it not?
    Can't wait to play it for the final installment of this series.
  • ALF 133
    Oh great fourth from the right second last row....... thats a freaking killionaire medal????
  • Ritzy Team  - Mw2
    Well when you say solo achivmnts you surley mean MW2 so bungie did not do anything new they just copied and pasted -thats what i think!!-p.s I Love Halo
    Killionaire medal sounds a pain in the ass but that will be firefight think I got a bunch of them every game in odst. Counting the days down bring it on hopefully lots of you guys will be up for some multiplayer!
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