Call of Duty : Black Ops
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Friday, 30 April 2010 00:00


UPDATE : The game will be released November 9, 2010.


Gametrailers GTTV on Spike will have the exclusive teaser trailer for Call of Duty : Black Ops this Friday as revealed by Geoff Knightly via Twitter. Remember it is still a rumour that it is called Black Ops, so don't be too surprised if it is called something else...


Like Call of Duty : Zombie Horde or Call Of Duty : Natal Guns. Not much has been leaked except it may go to Vietnam and Cuba, and special forces operation missions like the takeover of the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980. As long as it will not be like that early Modern Warfare 2 teaser that was just a green sound wave, this should be interesting to watch.


Call of Duty : Black Ops is due November 9, 2010.
Comments (15)
  • Robbie Burns  - Robbie representing connor, craig, james, nathan,
    i love this game and im going 2 bum it off completely, maybe even be4 it comes out if i can, then i'm going to get every single achievement 4 it and i'm going to get modded to 10th prestige or 11th if there is one.
  • trippster  - YES
  • Anonymous
    KooOOll Lol
  • Anonymous  - Cant wait
    well happy
    Just cant w8 till ths relieses in store
    Will be great fun as well as mw2 witch gets borin due to the fact i am 8th prestige level 64 ryt now
    awsome makers
    thts 4 call of duty company
    yesyes yes
    thort tht the next call of duty was gunna be call of duty viertnahm war!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!
    guess i was wrong
  • Anonymous
    carnt w8 till ths releases in store
    well happy
    it will be well better thn mw2 even tho after a bit it will obviously get so so borin like modern warfare 2 has
    it gets borin wen yu av played it a lot nd also wen yur a high level
    right now on mw2 online im 8th prestige level 64!! i am compleately bored of it but my m8 always tell me 2 play it..... so relieved tht black ops is coming out in 11.9.10
    maby the people tht bumb cod 4 still my days!!!
    lol :P:D
  • Anonymous  - wow
    i am sooo sick of modern warfare 2 1 prestige level 40 to easy achievements the game gets really boring but at least theres no more boosters. i hope its like waw nice decent achievement but hope theres no grenade spam in this one =P
  • DressedCriminal
    i cant wait for this to come out, only the bad thing is, its out so late in the year, i would like it if they make the presitige level to like 55 or 60 and make about 13 - 15 prestige levels, now that would be amazin
  • josh  - gyboy
  • joe  - none
    tbh i think cod sucks and every1 who play it are stupid ****s
  • hunter  - urgh
    i pre orderd cod 7 but did not get a poster or sumtin'
  • joe
    @joe go f*** your mom or sumtin
  • xxaston95xx  - 10th
    hey guys add my name and i caould get you to 10th on any call of duty add xxaston95xx on xbox 360 for info
  • APE xCoLiiSioNz  - Call Of Duty: Black Ops
    Lookin Forward to Black Ops Ive Only Just Started Playing modern warfare 2 really...
    im level 44 not prestiged add me if you wanna join our clan it currently has 7 members our clan is APE Which stands for automatic pure energy.
    feel free to join just add me and we will sort it out.
  • Anonymous  - Title:
  • Anonymous
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