Clash Of The Titans Trailer
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 03 May 2010 00:00


Rent. To sum up in one word if someone asked me about Clash of The Titans. Unfortunately you are probably expecting I say a little more. How about this game is being released three months AFTER the movie. Most people would have forgotten about the movie by then don't you think?...


This looks and feels like easy points . You hack n' slash a few beasts here and there and possibly with the same weapon throughout the campaign. I don't think it will have the sophistication of a weapon system but blow me down like a barn door in a hurricane if it has multiplayer, God forbid. Again one word. Rent.


Clash Of The Titans is due July 28.





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Comments (2)
  • Misplaced1BRAIN  - more weapons!!!
    just a thought for ya SLAM, looks like you will able to use more than just one weapon, take a better look at the "screens" because i can see at least 2 weapons.
    The first one looks like a giant "Meat tenderizer"( lunch time any one )and then i think i see a sword.
  • YouStayClassy  - I CAN'T WAIT..........
    ..............for the first review of this game that's gonna be titled "TRASH of the Titans!" Just you wait!
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