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Need For Speed : Undercover
10 -15 Hours
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Friday, 29 January 2010 10:41
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




Community Member - 15 points

Create or use an existing account to sign into EA Nation


Active Community Member - 20 points

Participated in any Community Day. Visit NeedforSpeed.com for more info.


Freeze! Hold it right there! - 25 points

Take a Photo and upload it to NeedforSpeed.com


Learner's Permit - 5 points

Acquire your first car in Career Mode


Apprentice Mechanic - 5 points

Customize a car in Career mode.


Meet Zack - 10 points

Face off against Zack in 'Rush Hour'


Meet Carmen - 10 points

Face off against Carmen in 'The Game'


Meet Hector - 10 points

Face off against Hector in 'Versus'


Meet Nickel - 10 points

Face off against Nickel in 'Road Rage'


Meet Rose - 10 points

Face off against Rose in 'Rollercoaster'


Zack Trap - 25 points

Complete the Zack sequence in 'The Trap' mission.


Bowling with Hector - 25 points

Complete the Hector sequence in the mission 'Kingpin'


To Protect and Serve - 25 points

Complete the Carmen sequence in the mission 'Rematch'


Nickel and Dimes - 25 points

Complete the Nickel sequence in mission 'Payback'


2 Birds, 1 Stone - 25 points

Complete the mission 'Double Trouble'


Gold Coast to Ocean - 15 points

Dominate the Gold Coast to Ocean event


East Fasulo Bridge - 15 points

Dominate the East Fasulo Bridge event


Pine Creek & Douglas - 15 points

Dominate the Pine Creek & Douglas event


South Canyon Hwy - 15 points

Dominate the South Canyon Hwy event


East I-5 - 15 points

Dominate the East I-5 event


Bay Drive & Harbor - 15 points

Dominate the Bay Drive & Harbor event


Tri-City Run - 15 points

Dominate the Tri-City Run event


North River Expressway - 15 points

Dominate the North River Expressway event


Lose the Eye in the Sky - 25 points

Escape from a helicopter in a successfully completed pursuit. (Must be Career level 8 or greater)


Path of Destruction - 10 points

Disable 10 Police Cars in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career


Get out of the way! - 5 points

Avoid 5 Road Blocks in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career


Aficionado - 10 points

Purchase or win any 5 cars for your garage.


Keys to the City - 5 points

Unlock Port Crescent in Career


Branching out - 10 points

Unlock Sunset Hills in Career


Window Shopper - 20 points

Discovered all 3 Pro Shops in Career


Nothing Stock - 20 points

Discovered all 3 Tuning Shops in Career


Retired - 40 points

Finish the Career Story


Hired Goons - 20 points

Takeout all the 'Goons' in Career


5 Finger Discount - 20 points

Complete all Hot Car Missions


Chase or be Chased - 20 points

Win all the Highway Battles in Career


Own the Road - 25 points

Dominate 25 events in Career


Completionist - 100 points

Complete all events in Career.


Unstoppable Force - 10 points

Avoid 50 Road Blocks in Career


Wasting Tax Dollars - 20 points

Get $100,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit and evade


Spiked Punch - 10 points

Avoid a spike strip in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career


Love thy Tires - 15 points

Avoid 12 Spike Strips total in Career pursuits


Lose the Fuzz - 10 points

Successfully complete 5 Pursuits


Most Wanted - 100 points

Successfully complete 50 Pursuits


Scrapheap - 25 points

Disable 100 Police vehicles.


Crossing the Line - 10 points

Win a Ranked Multiplayer Cops and Robbers event


First! - 10 points

Won a Multiplayer Ranked Game


First of Many - 15 points

Win a Ranked Multiplayer event against 7 human players


Among the Best - 25 points

Won 25 Ranked Multiplayer events


Notorious - 50 points

Finish 119 Multiplayer Races in any position


Cat and Mouse Virus - 5 points

Infected with the Cops and Robbers virus by another player in a Cops and Robbers event



This game has cheats that DO NOT AFFECT ACHIEVEMENTS.


Go to Start > Options > Secret Codes and enter the following codes. Each code can only be used once and all codes are case sensitive.


%%$3/"   Add $10 000 Cash

S1D3K1CK   Add $15 000 Cash

+)3&>$  NFS.com Lotus Elise Bonus Car

0;6,2;    Die-Cast Lexus IS F Bonus Car

?P:COL Die-Cast Nissan 240SX Bonus Car

2ODBJ:  Die-Cast Volkswagen R32 Bonus Car

[email protected]=  Die-Cast Audi R8 Bonus Car

K?MMF0 Die-Cast Camaro Concept Bonus Car

qlcukc4bqm Die-Cast Dodge Charger Bonus Car

!C6;C>E  Die-Cast Dodge Viper SRT10 Bonus Car

2Die-Cast Mitsubishi Lancer Bonus Car

"90=*[email protected] Die-Cast GT-R Police Bonus Car

d5dviyrlgn  Die-Cast Pontiac GTO Bonus Car

>8P:I;  Die-Cast Posche 911 Turbo Bonus Car

!3/$"):  Die-Cast Volkswagen R32 Bonus Car

NeedForSpeedShelbyTerlingua Shelby Terlingua Bonus Car