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Why Your Avatar Sucks
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 15 January 2010 01:29


Oh yes it does and it is not because you have spent 50 cents on Halo ODST Laser Kill Ring that no one can see. No, my friend, I am about to explain why everyone's avatar sucks. Why after almost a year since NXE we have all PS3 fanboys laughing at us....



Microsoft have pumped millions into Avatars and making NXE more a social networking portal than a gaming console, but here are five reasons below why your Xbox Live Avatar blows goats for half price. 





Actually that is not entirely accurate as you can easily start the Xbox 360 without one. But as soon as you hook up to Xbox Live, bam, Microsoft Stormtroopers come into your home and they force you to create one at gun point. What ever happened to consumer choice? All I want to do is go on Live and shoot and kill people, but I have to create an avatar before you let me in?





Why spend real money on something that isn't real? I am not just talking about the clothes, but the mobile phones and remote control cars. If you cannot afford a real phone, why get a fake one that you can't use? So your fake avatar can talk to fake friends? Why spend two bucks on a remote controlled car that doesn't do anything other than go in a circle, online? No one sees this fake crap except your friends and they'll know you have spent money on something that isn't real.





Microsoft officially do not tell us how much memory space the avatars take, but that is not the issue. I would rather the memory be allocated to something more useful, like speeded up achievement or friends lists. Everyone I know mostly uses the Xbox Guide button to navigate around rather than Xbox Live merry-go-round and watch your avatar do a wave and dance.




NO XBOX 720 UNTIL 2015


Microsoft originally planned to chase the high-end tech console, but the Wii changed their minds. They are now spending their money on Natal, Facebook and Avatars than the super photorealistic graphics with billions of polygons that they once promised us. They will bundle a slim console with Natal next year and call it a new console and extend the 360's life until at least 2015. You can't even bet on Sony because they are doing the same thing. Both are abandoning the tech race to chase a 'white Gamecube





If somehow you could get an achievement for styling your Avatar, then I'll be there. I'll do anything for an achievement. But you can't. You can't even kill, maim, stab or make them speak, so they are pretty useless if ask me. Microsoft give us achievements (not awards) with our avatars and I'll re-word this heavily damaging article against avatars. It will take me two minutes.



This list is only five but I am sure there are numerous more reasons why Xbox Avatars have so far proved to be nothing than a fail. If you find that I have missed something, then please comment or you absolutely love Avatars, I won't call you sad, just confused, please comment.




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Tom (141.113.85.xxx) 2010-01-20 14:04:28

Avatars aren't really necessary, but do they suck? I don't think so. They add a nice "personal" touch instead of the boring gamer pictures.

And why would PS3 fanboys laugh? They have PlayStation Home, which is UTTER crap and you can buy avatar clothes there, too.
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