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Call of Duty 7: Black Ops
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 00:00


Heavy speculation around the internet is that the next Call Of Duty 7 title will be called Call Of Duty : Black Ops. This is according to a report from MapModNews including the news that the game will take us to Cuba, Vietnam and the London Iranian Embassy siege in 1980...


If this is true, and we are not saying that it is gospel, as it is still just speculation, this would make very interesting zombie modes. Oh yes, the report says the zombie modes will be back. I am not keen on the zombie modes as it twists factual history, but then what do you care what I think. What would be nice is if Treyarch made the enemies throw less grenades during Veteran than they did in World at War. Take note Treyarch, the Arab Iranian separatists that took over the London Embassy in 1980 DID NOT have 50 grenades on each of them. Capice?


[source thanks vg247 MapModNews]


Call of Duty 7 is due November 2010.


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Comments (8)
  • Anonymous
  • trippster  - hmmm
    YESSSSS! zombies!!!! hmm a call of duty game, released around the same time as natal.....hmmmm
  • Luis  - Good
    oh yeah treyarch coming back to COD series
  • the g  - zomie
    personally i found the zombie mode slow then almost impossible with ne imbetween if they change it up abit mainly the weapons been based on just luck i may enjoy it more
  • B For Bomb
    I agree with this guy when he's talking about how many grenades get thrown at you in veteran its rediculas really. I've had 6 thrown at me at once. When it comes to the zombies i enjoyed that but when you get about 25 rounds in they start hording way 2 many zombies.
  • trippster  - zombs anyone?
    i highly dissagree, i love zombies and i never get bored of it. and the games getting pretty dated, yet i still pop in that game once or twice a week for a good hour of zombs
  • Anonymous
    the map packs were AMAZING!!!! and they were the true genius behind zombies
  • name  - hi
    zombies iz bad and i luv it lol
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