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Halo Reach Beta New Weapons
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 05 April 2010 01:06


With Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta nearing closer, Bungie have posted some new screens of new weapons and match making for us to peek at. Now imagine if Bungie had gone ahead with Natal support...


For any long franchise, bringing in new weapons is a must and it is thankful that we are not trying them out by gun pointing with our hands. Like we did that in third grade in the playground. The new weapons include a pro pipe which is a grenade launcher and plasma repeater. Not too sure on Halo weapons as whenever I played Halo, I just picked up anything that shot the enemy in front of me dead. Most certainly why I suck at multiplayer.


Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta is due May 3 for Halo ODST owners.















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Comments (3)
  • trippster  - WOW!
    wow wow wow, stunning graphics, beautiful interface, im pretty much drooling over the guns. this will be the best 100 dollars i ever spent (i say 100 dollars because i will be getting whatever collectors edition there is because this is the last halo game)

    lol look how the matchmaking roster is all slanted so it looks 3D!!! ahhhh HALO REACH!!!
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