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Natal priced at $150!
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 28 May 2010 00:00


UPDATE : Real name for Natal to be revealed by our tweets!


According to Edge, Natal will be priced at $150 (£110) Like wow. $150 to wave your hands and arms in thin air. This may be a rumor but Edge were on the money when they predicted Gears of War 3 release date so I am guessing this price is right....


I predict most gamers will say no to this. Edge have also mentioned that the Arcade console will come bundled with Natal for $299 (£210) I still predict most gamers will say no to this. Even If you are interested, I am sure you would wait until it becomes a failure and a price drop. In fact let us all have a poll. On the right is our new Will You Fork Out $150 For Natal poll. Vote and see if I am right. Remember you have to save for EA's online pass as well.  


Natal is due late October.


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Comments (7)
  • Dooney  - WOW
    Firstly - Here fist

    Secondly, Wow however you say £110 or $150 for natal is it worth it.. hmmmm me thinks that any ideas of me buying this have just been squashed by the price tag.

    I would have paid £50 but thats rooftop.

    Sorry MS, try again.
  • Sloober  - blub
    So because Edge got the highly predictable date right of gears of War 3, you automatically believe them when they predict the price of Natal? There are sites that offer a preorder for Natal for 70 euro. This 150 dollar price tag is mentioned so everyone can go "Ooohhhh Ahhhhhh thats cheap!" when they reveil at E3 that the price will be 75 dollars.

    I mean come on, the arcade console costs 150, you really think they would charge the same for a gadget for it?
  • Dooney
    Do i believe the price tag @ $150, the answer is probably yes. You have to consider all new devices / consoles & electronical equipment in general is always top premium price at launch. The xbox 360 @ launch was about £350 ~ £400.

    Its fair to say that the price will tumble but they always mark high at the start. i would think 75 euro's is unlikely since the price has not much room to fall and offers little return on their RND costs, But all of this is speculation until MS release the actual price, but i think the point was missed, the above comment purely states that i wouldn't pay that price not that this is the actual price.
  • YouStayClassy  - TOTAL bargin!
    Think about it, it's not just "150 to wave your hands and arms in thin air" but "150 to wave your hands and arms in thin air" to games that will only register about a third of your movements!

    Wait.... that's not a bargin at all. You almost had me there for a second Microsoft!
  • Jesse
    i'm still considering it. if the technology works and the games are good (not just repetitive wii crapola) i'd buy it for $100.

  • beachdude
    Enjoyed the Post.

    Here is a website I came across that is providing a lot of information about the Project Natal Xbox 360. http://NatalXbox360.org
  • Metal X76  - nah
    I think i'll stay a lazy gamer, if I want to jump and wave my arms around, I'll go outside and play the sport itself
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Will You Fork Out $150 for Natal?