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Pro Bowling With Natal Support
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Sunday, 30 May 2010 02:39


For months Microsoft have teased us of a 'big' franchise that will support Natal, and I have just discovered what that franchise is. Drum roll: Brunswick Pro Bowling. Never heard of it? Neither have I until this morning...


There had to be a bowling game involved with Natal as much as there will be a fit dance step and big head tennis. If you can afford the reported $150 price tag for Natal then $50 for this game, you might as well buy that white Game-cube? At least you will get a bowling ball with the Wii because with Natal you get thin air. Want to know what the official name for Natal will be? I am going to tweet it.


[source joystiq]


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Comments (6)
  • trippster  - hmm
    i still will be purchasing a "natal"...i mean if you buy it, they must be bundling it with something, its not like Microsoft would be such big arses to make us buy the accessory and a game separately? kinda how the xbox live vision camera was bundled =] i still have high hopes for natal, and i expect another big franchise to come aboard, i mean maybe this Bowling game is just a teaser. im just saying, there might be more behind it then we think, weve still got milo, the interactive boy who does his homework, and plays in a lake for hours (gee, there must be some very difficult achievements for that game...[sarcasm])
  • Jesse
    the tech still interests me...

    hopefully the games are good and not just built to make us wave our hands like idiots.
  • BuckshotBrian24
    The Brunswick pro bowling franchise is here in South jersey Slam. I know your in Australia, but just saying.
  • Misplaced1BRAIN  - the only reason to get natal !!!!
    if there is any TRUE reason to get natal, it would have to be REAL interactivity ( such as those videos that PETER MOLYNEUX did with that "MILO DEMO". Now if you could have a varity of games doing those types of things, and NOT just waving your limbs around like a crazy person from a nut house you could really get "into-the-game".

    if you have no idea of what i am talking about , check it out on youtube "peter molyneux natal" or "peter molyneux milo"
  • YouStayClassy  - You know what's wild?
    I did some research and there are FIVE retail bowling games available for the Wii, which indicates SOMEONE out there is buying enough of these to make it a profitable genre.
  • D  - Brunswick...
    Well, if you go by the word "franchise," Brunswick is huge in the world of bowling, just not in the world of 360 games...
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