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Snoopy Flying Ace Achievements
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 00:00


I hate flying games as much as I hate naval battleship games. Snoopy Flying Ace for Xbox Live Arcade finally gets released this week and the achievements don't look easy.  What is going on?...


This is Snoopy right? Snoopy Flying Ace should be kids games and yet they expect you to earn gold medals and earn 10,000+ points online. You also need to earn 100 kills from the turret.  The 100 kills doesn't bother me. Using the word 'kills' does as this is Snoopy right? For the love of God, it's a kids game.


Snoopy Flying Ace is due June 2 on XBLA.











Cadet - 5 points

Complete a game of Dogfight


Hero - 10 points

Earn gold medals on all Defense Missions (Headquarters, Big Guns, and Reconnaissance)


Professional - 10 points

Earn gold medals on all Assault Missions (Bully Fight, Zeppeligeddon, and Bombs Away)


Technical - 10 points

Earn gold medals on all Navigation Missions (Ring Race, Birds of War, and Follow the Leader)


Big Guns - 15 points

Earn 100 kills from the Turret


Flawless - 15 points

Complete any mode with 20+ kills and no deaths (Multiplayer Only)


Helping Hand - 15 points

Earn 250 assists


Sky King - 20 points

Earn 25 wins (Multiplayer Only)


Weaponeer - 20 points

Earn 25+ kills with every secondary weapon


Classic - 25 points

Earn Doghouse reward 10 times (Multiplayer Only)


Veteran - 25 points

Earn 10,000+ points (Xbox LIVE Player Match Only)


Flying Ace - 30 points

Reach Flying Ace Status (Xbox LIVE Player Match Only)




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