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Halo 4?
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Thursday, 22 July 2010 00:00


I never thought I would say this : Halo 4. CVG has discovered a business networking site listing a developer's updated projects as ' designing new levels and missions for the next Halo project '...


You would have to be pretty keen to stalk a developer and to find this snippet of information? It lists the developer from 343 Industries which is Microsoft's internal Halo studio, since Bungie announced they were going independent. Microsoft have kept the Halo IP so it is really no surprise that they have started working already on the next Halo; one of the planet's biggest video game franchises. They'd be stupid not to. Or do you think it is too early?


[source CVG]


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Comments (2)
    Yeah they were never going let Halo die is a money making machine.
    Plus remember it could possibly be 3/4 years in the making before we ever get to play a beta on that hope the don't f**** it up! Bungie was Halo for me no doubt they have some cool stuff in the pipeline.
  • majornougat
    no a halo 4 should never happen. a Halo game without bungie will tank and soil the halo franchise.
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