Gamerscore Challenge Rematch Update
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Sunday, 21 February 2010 01:11


With less than FIVE DAYS, our Gamerscore Challenge Rematch against our old rival Achieve360Points.com looks too close to call. They are currently  9,000 points ahead so we are going to need some home team support to help our team knock them out...


With still quite a few players playing offline there could be still a few surprises left in the challenge, so it is not over yet. What we need from you is to head over to the challenge and leave a comment of support. Let our team know that we can K.O. Achieve360Points by Friday. Good luck EX3A!


CHECK LIVE SCORES HERE and leave a comment !



Please note you will need to be a member of 360voice and / or our forum to leave a comment.


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Comments (4)
  • Roach  - Go on mofos!!!
    Go on all you mofo, do us proud!! And as for you Meeeeeeeeeeeeeh (sorry if I missed out an 'e' or two), I hope your surprise that your boasting about the the current leader is good, (but not good enough to overtake me on our leaderboard :P) hehe

    Go on guys!!!
  • Roach
    Several typo's in that last message... blaming the beer, sorry!
  • ones1x  - completion to 1000
    do any of these cheats make it easy to reach a 1000? i remember (not fondly) the older games like Perfect Dark, only dishing out small G's. I do think that GRAW shouldn't have been number one. Surely Fallout 3 on the PC should, rank above Avatar for easyness in my opinion, because you get 1550, thats 550 more than any other easy G game in almost 5 minutes. I did it today and feel dirty, yet smug that I didnt spend 100+ hours on it.
  • ones1x  - oops
    haha, seems as though i've commented on the wrong thing. this was for 10 Greatest Cheats Ever article. How do i join in on the Achieve360points bashing? They suck..
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