Natal Fit Coming?
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 01 March 2010 09:32


Here's another quick pop at Microsoft's controller free Project Natal. Over at MCVUK, reports suggest that Microsoft are planning to target women's magazines like Glamour and Vogue when they launch Natal at the end of the year. Now why you may ask,  the readers of these magazines would be interested in the Xbox 360? I tell you why, because there MUST be a Natal fitness title coming...


Before you start ROFL with the PS3 fanboys, think again. Just imagine the achievements. Do one of those fitness programs where you need to gain weight. Eat ten burgers, achievement unlocked. Or vice versa lose pounds. Wear twenty layers of clothing in front of the Natal camera, then take them off, achievement unlocked. I apologize if I have stereotyped the readers of these magazines, but I am just trying to speculate the announcement of Natal Fit. Dear Santa...


[source MCVUK]


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Comments (5)
  • XxB3asti3xX
    Funny I was just looking at some of the kids games for the Wii and thinking how easy they would be if they had achievements. I wonder how many here would play Dora or Wii cheer if they did have points.
  • LCW P w N s U
    i think i might lol easy achievements here we come
  • mestiso7323
    I'm shameless, so I know I would play some Natal Fit games to get the achievements.
  • hawkteflon
    I'll let my wife get those achievements. Seems like something she might like.
  • phoenixthreat  - First product placement i have seen
    I just saw a natal on an episode of smallville
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