E3 : Natal called Kinect - Video for Slim
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 14 June 2010 02:41


We tweeted earlier the Kinect is the new name for Natal. There will also be a slim version (video below) which will come bundled with Natal sorry Kinect. The name Kinect - you couldn't make it up if you tried- has already been updated on the Wiki...


USA Today broke the story of the name , which since has been pulled. Looks like they will get late invites to next year's E3. As for the slim rumour, there was an ad on an Italian site which since also has been pulled as Microsoft Stormtroppers are swift these days. There's a YouTube video of the Italian ad below. It doesn't look that slim to me and surely they should have placed the console on it's side?


[source thanks Kanuuna for the vid]










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Comments (2)
  • trippster  - *gag*
    what a disgusting design for a console, i was expecting someting much...more interesting to look at but that thing looks like a fat boomerang, and i mean i guess they solved the whole venting problem i mean look how many holes there are, um, can someone redo it?
  • Jesse
    i dont like it either.

    kinect sounds like a sports drink to me.

    if it is real i hope the hardrive is external.
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