E3 : Slim Xbox First Pics
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 14 June 2010 20:06


Joystiq have posted first pics of the new Slim Xbox 360, as we predicted there would be one. Go ahead and check them out HERE. Three red rings will now look super red cool against that shiny 70's plastic look...


Not as slim as I hoped it would be, but at least they have taken the grey out of the d-pad on the controller. Notice that Microsoft have placed the unit on it's side and not flat down. Old Jedi mind trick to fool you into thinking it is a lot slimmer than it really is.


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Comments (4)
  • Swarley
    PRE-ORDERED! 16th july is so far off though

    also it looks like the current HDDs are a no on these bad boys too.

    all that aside i cant wait!
  • Whippy
    The Xbox 360 isn't really that big as it is...
  • Jesse
    i really cant be bothered transfering 100 games worth of data. f**** it i'll keep the one i have.
  • craig  - about the slim xbox360
    this like the old xbox mind the brick just made into new xbox360 anything get money out people
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