E3 : Four Kinect Titles
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 00:00


Here are four Kinect titles above announced by Microsoft, with another eleven coming in November and boy do they look like Wii titles. Microsoft has no shame. Notice that the first title on the left is still Natal marked. Whoops, looks like someone forgot to change the cover. They all look easy yet there are still three major questions not answered by yesterday's press briefing....


How much will Kinect cost?


No one knows as officially Microsoft have not announced the retail price. Everyone is still assuming it is $150 as that is the price listed at Gamestop and if you think about it, if it were $50, Microsoft would be posting the price everywhere. The games above are also listed at $60 at Gamestop, so add the two prices together and that is some investment for a novelty kick.


Will there be 1000 GS points on the games?


Again, no one knows and again if they are going to be $60, you better hope there will be achievements. Do you get the feeling that Microsoft didn't think this through?


Where's the big franchise and hardcore games?


There aren't any unless of course you count the up and coming kinect Michael Jackson : The Game (I kid you not ) as hardcore. 


By the way, I think Kinect is a stupid name. My suggestions I sent to Microsoft were "Black Magic" and "Voodoo"  and I never heard back from them. There's a trailer below and I cringe every time I watch it.  Where do they find these families?















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Comments (4)
  • Roach
    I agree with you completely Slam! I mean where the hell do they find these families, these families that dance today without the kids fighting and then sit down and watch, (of all things), The Guild together!?!?

    I love The Guild (and Felicia Day), but my parents/grandparents/younger relatives would never 'get' it!! Lmao
  • Jesse
    I hate those commercials too.

    i am still waiting for a shooter for kinect.
  • HawkTeflon  - Natalimals?
    Shouldn't the name also be changed to Kinectimals? Just rolls right off the tongue...
  • Jesse
    it has been...thats an old cover.
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Will You Fork Out $150 for Natal?