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Sunday, 20 June 2010 02:55


Hunting games in theory should be easy points as all you have to do is point and shoot. Not so with some of Cabela's hunting games as they sometimes take away GPS and add a timer. Field & Streams: Total Outdoormans Challenge is hunting game that is not associated with Cabela which  could mean easier points...


There's multiplayer for a start. Ever seen a hunting game with multiplayer? Exactly how does that work, like can you shoot each other? Is there a Horde mode? You get 20 points for losing your first multi-player match? What is that all about? There's also no achievement to complete the whole game on 'realistic' - the game's hard mode - only one mission is required. This game rocks.


Field & Streams: Total Outdoormans Challenge is due June 22 (NA)











Basic Hunting Skills - 10 points

Move around a level


Get to know - 10 points

Bag 1 animal


Elk on the loose - 10 points

Hunt 2 elk


Looks real to me - 10 points

Hunt any animal by using a decoy


Trophy collector - 15 points

You filled your trophy room


Night hunter - 15 points

Hunt 2 of each night animal


Marksman Level 1 - 20 points

Shoot one animal using any shotgun


Hunting Frenzy - 20 points

Hunt 10 animals


Ultimate Hunter - 30 points

Complete all missions from any environment


Complete Hunter - 30 points

Hunt 1 of each animal type


Missions Man - 10 points

Finish one mission on normal difficulty


Top gun - 20 points

Finish one mission on realistic difficulty


Early fall hunter - 30 points

Finish all missions from the early fall environment


British Columbia Hunter - 30 points

Finish all missions form British Columbia Early Fall


Winter Hunter - 30 points

Finish all missions form the winter environment


Fall hunter - 30 points

Finish all mission form the fall environment


Competitive hunter - 10 points

Play your first multi-player game


Firearms collection - 30 points

Unlock all firearms


Fashion victim - 20 points

Unlock all types of clothing


Duck hunter - 15 points

Hunt 10 ducks using a shotgun


Blind hunt - 25 points

Hunt one animal from a blind


Mission accomplished - 40 points

Win all the missions


Animal party - 40 points

Unlock all the animals


Best hunter - 40 points

Win your first multiplayer game


Better luck next time - 20 points

Lose your first multi player game


Cats in the bag - 30 points

Hunt every type of cat (Bobcat, Lynx,)


I'm the best - 30 points

Win all missions from multi-player mode


Moose fanatic - 20 points

Fill your trophy room with Moose mounts


Zero magnification - 30 points

Win a mission without using any scope or Binoculars


Inspector - 30 points

Inspect your first track


Call to arms - 30 points

Hunt any animal by calling it to your location


Revolver - 20 points

Hunt any animal using the handgun


Rabbit Race - 10 points

Collect your first trophy


Rabbit's foot - 20 points

Kill 10 rabbits using any allowed firearm


Rules and Regulation - 20 points

Hunt 10 times without breaking any rules


Don't just stand there, shoot - 20 points

Hunt 5 animals from a stand


Fox trot - 30 points

Put 10 foxes in your trophy room


Grouse hunter - 10 points

Hunt 5 Grouse


Turkey shoot - 10 points

Hunt 5 turkeys


Odor-free - 30 points

Use all the scent items in the game


Sheep double - 10 points

Hunt one bighorn sheep and one Dall sheep


Learn to track - 10 points

Track down you first animal


This is my turf - 20 points

Win all the missions form early fall environment in multi-player


Sixth sense - 10 points

Enter Sixth Sense for the first time


Lure the animals - 10 points

Use all the lures(including decoys and bait)


Get a tail feather - 20 points

Hunt 10 pheasants


Gearing up - 20 points

Unlock all items



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