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Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Sunday, 17 January 2010 13:22


If you have been wondering where we have been the last week, there was a database failure on our server and we lost everything. All articles, glitches, guides and cheats all gone to some cyberspace hard drive in the sky.  Did we have back up? Of course, except the utility to back up provided by our host corrupted our back ups from June. Awesome. I am sending Niko to Boom Shakala our host offices...


So this week I have spent manually adding back the guides and it looks like another week or so before the site is back to normal. There are things missing here and there, but a little patience and they will be back soon. On the plus side we have decided to upgrade a few things.


NEW ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE FORMAT : All guides and achievement lists are now put into collapsable menus. They should be easier to read and to navigate to what you want more quickly eg collectables guides, cheats, videos. As seen here for this guide for Disney Up.


NEW COMMENT SYSTEM :  The last one fried in the database failure. So we get a new one with animated smileys. There will be a comment contest soon so get familiar with it's features.


LATEST FORUM POSTS : Latest forum posts on the front should now show your avatar and soon articles will be embedded with forum discussion threads.  I have not actually got this discussion thread to work yet, but I am working on it.


If you find anything not working or wondering when a feature will be available, PM me through the forum. There is also an issue with front page log in. I have tried  to fix it but it keeps throwing you to an 'registered empty page' after you log in.  Logging through the forum also logs you out when you navigate to the front page. Sorry, I will get onto these bugs soon.


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Comments (2)
  • XxB3asti3xX
    Glad to see the site back running.
    Already looking better than before and I'm sure when you get everything back to normal it will be even better. Hope you still have a few strands of hair left you haven't ripped out.
  • fail.
    boom shakalaka*
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