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DefaultHow is this possible?

Question to all...

I stumbled across this guy on facebook and I am wondering how it is possible to have a GS as high as his but not have a history of any games? I'm confused, really confused.

If anyone can offer an explanation that would be great.


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this douchebag is a game hacker or a game saver. never earned a thing. the only true legit gamer atop of the leaderboards you come across is prob stallion. all these other dudes w high scores are just lowlifes with nothing better to do with their time. its not even cool for the real gamers to try and achieve their points legit because they would never attain a scor like that.
just disregaurd idiots like that. its a sad world we live in when the real gamers out their actually endure and a F!@# like that ruins it for everyone. I wish microsoft would step in on douches like that!
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I have every confidence that MS will reset the GS back to 0 after they investigate these people. They have indeed done this a few times in the past.

I agree with Killa, Stallion is probably still officially No1, those in front have used other methods to gain their position.

I have just looked at a few of those people and they have 100% cheated as nearly all games in their list have same date / time in game stamps, MS will see this and reset them.

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Yep gamesavers are the lowest of the low, but rest assured game savers will be reset and apparently m/s can tell if you 'manufacture' your gamer-score using the other methods too

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yeah stallion deserves a holiday or something in his honor where all gamerwhores come together to celebrate his non cheaterness......
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Somethings gotta be more wrong than what it appears. He has an account, but has never played a single game? At all? Ever? I get how the gamesavers get their points, I can see how someone could inflate a score that way, but he has never played anything? Its pointless to even have a score if you have no games.
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He probably just set his privacy settings so that his games could not be seen. Then when he logged in only his score was picked up not the games. Don't worry he will be reset very soon. I see people all the time from this list and this one that are usually reset within a week but as soon as they are new ones pop up. As you can see on MGC there are quite a few near the top that cheat, right now Stallion is 39th yet he is the top legit scorer.

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That XBL account is probably a test account. They sometimes create an account to see if they actually get away with it. If they do, then they will mod their real account. If they don't, then they dodged the ban hammer. Any way they do it won't last long. MS is getting better at detecting the hackers.
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Thats so lame, I never understood what the point is to hack your gamer points. It makes it pointless to me to play any games. Games have never been the same to me without the achievements. But hey, desperate ppl do desperate things.
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