Skate 3 Release Date
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 00:00


I haven't been a big fan of these 'board' games as the learning curve to do the tricks, has always been a little too time consuming for my liking. So the announcement of Skate 3 which will be released on May 11, is meh to easy achievements...


What I want to know is why do they always configure the left or right stick to control the tricks? Why do they not just assign a button or button combo. Press B to do a 360 Pop Shuvit or A to do a Manual. Because it would be too easy? But I want easy. I want to be able to kill the whole game in two hours and unlock 1000 points please. If I really wanted to take five hours to learn skating I would go outside with a real board. Ya, dig ?


Skate 3 is due May 11, 2010. 





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Comments (2)
  • Skate Lover  - Awesome!
    Expecting to see an achievement list from you guys! I played EA Skate. Skate 2, and am now expecting to play Skate 3. I have it on pre-order. Keep up the good work.
  • trippy  - boo
    okay so i liked skate 1, played it alot, then i heard the second was coming out and i didnt get why, just more boring mind dulling skate around in circle free stakes? ok, i got it. then i heard a third one is coming out, im not going to be getting this.
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