Xbox Slim Rumour Gains Pace
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 19 March 2010 00:00


Less to do with news about achievements and more to do with my Magic 8-Ball not being broken. Our Gears of War 3 prediction for E3 might be slightly off in the release date ( we still stand that it will be announced), but our Xbox 360 Slim predicted announcement  looks almost there...


Even though we had predicted a low probability for it appearing, Joystiq have published leaked pictures of a slimmed down Xbox 360 motherboard and it's massive reduction in size. See the full pictures here. It took Sony only three years to release a slimmed down version of their Playstation 3. It has taken Microsoft almost five years to think about it. The PS3 slim sold a million units in it's first three weeks so you can imagine what a slimmed down Xbox 360 will pull. 


[source joystiq]


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Comments (3)
  • Levanen  - Broken
    Doesn't matter how small they make it if it still breaks down all the time I'm on my 4th 360!!
  • wiggy  - okay so...
    i belive that it will either be really tiny, or there will be little to no difference.
  • Metal X76  - well...
    I would hope if they do that it has a better cooldown system. Thankfully I'm only on #2.
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What will E3 2010 bring?