LOTR : War In The North Trailer
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Saturday, 20 March 2010 00:53


The last Lord of The Rings game LOTR : Conquest was garbage. So much so I wrote an email to the developer, Pandemic advising them of the inaccuracies of dying straight away when you have just become a hero. Never heard back from them but they since gone bust anyway. Lets move on to the new The Lord Of The Rings : War In The North shall we...


This new Lord Of The Rings is developed by  Snowblind Studios and is an action co-op RPG. I do find it strange that the publishers Warner Bros are putting money into a franchise well after the Peter Jackson trilogy movies are gone. Unless they know something we don't? Lets just hope the achievements are easier than Conquest.


The Lord Of The Rings : War In The North is due in 2011.




Video Games | LotR: War in the North | Debut Teaser
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Comments (2)
  • Metal X76  - Sweet
    I'll giver a go. I played the hell out of conquest. The multiplayer sucked. I haven't played a bad Lotr game yet. Really enjoyed the ps2 ones. C0-op play in Middle earth, should be fun, lots of content to pull from.
  • Dan Wright  - Its not as bad as you think.
    Ok, i played the game with a friend and i have to say it was very fun...it was funny when one of us got swooped up or one of us died. It was really fun playing co-op.

    And the achievements were very easy...you basically beat the levels and beat them with a few characters and then some easily boostable online and boom, you have the 1k. its not as bad as you thought it was.
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