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Friday, 19 March 2010 08:32


MyGamerCard.net have posted the achievements (after the break) for Microsoft's Game Room and there are 56 of them. This is the virtual arcade launched next week on Xbox Live where you can walk around with your Avatar and play retro arcade games. What's the catch you ask?...


If you already own some of these games like Asteroids you will have to pay for them again. Yeah well that kind of sucks and you can read more about it here. However, lets look on the bright side of this. The room itself is free to download, you can walk around and talk to friends AND you get achievements just by spending hours playing the games. The difference is that Xbox Live Arcade titles are re-vamped for the 360, whereas these games in the Game Room will keep the original authentic game play. You even get fake coins to put in. 


One could argue that Microsoft are greedy with this idea but don't forget most of us have already paid for the SAME XBOX four or five times due to the Red Ring Curse. Might as well start paying again for retro games we already bought in the nineties. Or you play them free HERE!!


Thanks to YouStayClassy for posting the achievements in our forum.


[source MyGamerCard.net] 


Game Room will be available on Xbox Live on March 23.




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My First Theme - 5 points

Place a Theme in your arcade


Theme Filler -  20 points

Place 5 unique Themes in your arcade


Fancy Arcade -  20 points

Theme an entire arcade with unique Themes


My First Mascot -  5 points

Activate a Mascot in your arcade


My First Decoration -  5 points

Place a Decoration in your arcade


Proptastic -  20 points

Place 5 arcade Decorations in your arcade


My First Game -  5 points

Place a Game Cabinet in your arcade


The Visitor -  5 points

Visit a Friend’s arcade


Show Me! -  5 points

Visit the Showcase Arcade


The Player -  5 points

Play a Friend’s Game Cabinet


Room Filler-  20 points

Fill an entire room


My First Win -  5 points

Win a Challenge


My First Challenge-  5 points

Send a Challenge


Challenge Chief -  5 points

Win 10 Challenges


Challenge Master -  20 points

Win 20 Challenges


Too Cool for my Score -  5 points

Beat your own High Score in a game


My Blisters have Blisters! -  5 points

Play a game for 1 hour continuously


Arcade Junkie -  20 points

Spend 4 hours total playing games in your arcade


Retro Addict -  20 points

Spend 8 hours total playing games in your arcade


Go to Sleep -  20 points

Spend 16 hours total playing games in your arcade


Machine not Man -  20 points

Spend 24 hours total playing games in your arcade


Matchstick Eyes -  20 points

Spend 36 hours total playing games in your arcade


My First Medal -  5 points

Win your first Medal


Medal Variety -  5 points

Win a Medal of each Type (Point Buster, Survivalist, Time Spender)


Double Trouble -  20 points

Win 2 Medals of each type (2x Point Buster, 2x Survivalist, 2x Time Spender)


Medal Collector -  20 points

Win 3 Medals


80s Skilled -  20 points

Win 6 Medals


Game Beater -  20 points

Win 9 Medals


Arcade Hustler -  20 points

Win 12 Medals


Retro Expert -  20 points

Win 15 Medals


The New Old Schooler -  20 points

Win 18 Medals


Medal Enthusiast - 20 points

Win 21 Medals


Arcade Shark - 20 points

Win 24 Medals


Can’t Touch This! - 20 points

Win 27 Medals


Retro Master - 20 points

Win 30 Medals


Check My Skillz - 20 points

Win 33 Medals


Minted - 20 points

Win 36 Medals


Medaltastic - 20 points

Win 39 Medals


Fly Skillz - 20 points

Win 42 Medals


Medal Masher - 20 points

Win 45 Medals


I Like Shiny Things - 35 points

Win 48 Medals


Level Up! - 20 points

Reach Level 2


Level 5! - 20 points

Reach Level 5


Level 8! - 20 points

Reach Level 8


Level 11! - 20 points

Reach Level 11


Level 14! - 20 points

Reach Level 14


Level 17! - 20 points

Reach Level 17


Level 20! - 50 points

Reach Level 20


Medal Smasher - 20 points

Win 10 Medals of each type


Medal Mad - 50 points

Win 20 Medals of each type


Point Buster - 20 points

Win 5 Point Buster Medals


Point Slammer - 20 points

Win 10 Point Buster Medals


Survivalist - 20 points

Win 5 Survivalist Medals


Survival of the Fittest - 20 points

Win 10 Survivalist Medals


Time Spender - 20 points

Win 5 Time Spender Medals


Time Crazy - 20 points

Win 10 Time Spender Medals




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Comments (2)
  • KRS  - 30 games at launch
    I found a listing of the first 30 games that are said to be available at launch. Yar's Revenge FTW!!

    1. Centipede (arcade)
    2. Asteroids Deluxe (arcade)
    3. Tempest (arcade)
    4. Crystal Castles (arcade)
    5. Lunar Lander (arcade)
    6. Jungler (arcade)
    7. Road Fighter (arcade)
    8. Scramble (arcade)
    9. Finalizer (arcade)
    10. Tutankham (arcade)
    11. Shao-Lin's Road (arcade)
    12. Super Cobra (arcade)
    13. Red Baron (arcade)
    14. Gravitar (arcade)
    15. Battlantlis
    16. Astrosmash (Intellivision)
    17. Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing (Intellivision)
    18. Armor Battle (Intellivision)
    19. Space Hawk (Intellivision)
    20. Sub Hunt (Intellivision)
    21. Sea Battle (Intellivision)
    22. Space Armada (Intellivision)
    23. Astrosmash (Intellivision)
    24. Star Raiders (Atari 2600)
    25. Outlaw (Atari 2600)
    26. Yar's Revenge (Atari 2600)
    27. Millipede (Atari 2600)
    28. Football (Atari 2600)
    29. RealSports Tennis (Atari 2600)
    30. Combat (Atari 2600)
  • Metal X76  - ugh
    I've been trying to avoid commenting on this game room (cause it's mostly negative). I can't hold it in any more but I will hold back.
    1. I thought you could only have maximum 50 achievements with 1000 points (and 250 every 3 months but not exceeding 1750 points with a max of 90 cheeves) but they can break their own rules or am I wrong and something changed?
    2. 40mp or 400mp to play these tiltes (thanks for posting them KRS) yuck, are people really clawing up the walls to play them again?

    When I think of an arcade game room, I think about bubble bobble, pacman, gator something (boat shooter) final fight, double dragon, streets of rage, golden axe, etc. It just looks and sounds like it was cooked up to generate money. I also find it quite funny that they are pushing this old retro thing in the 1st quarter of the year and then releasing the wave of the future in the 4th quarter. I dunno will see. I'll pop into it with a dummy account and look around.
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