Clash Of The Titans Screens
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Sunday, 28 February 2010 00:10


Gamershell have posted screens of the new Clash of The Titans. This game is a movie-tie of the same name and another one of my easy game predictions for 2010. The movie is due to be released April 2, yet there's no date set for the game. Catch the screens here....


This should be an easy hack 'n' slash. The screens look a bit too dusty for me or is that blur animation? It would be so good if Bandai Namco actually released a bit of game play video, seeing that they would want the game to come out the same time as the movie? Even better would be the achievements. Just so we know how many beasts and demons we need to slash.


Clash Of The Titans is due this April.


[source Gamershell]


Comments (3)
  • Roach
    I hope it's easier than Afro Samurai for achievements!!
  • Cryptic Panther
    I wonder if it will have some crazy online achievements?
  • Anonymous  - Clash of the titans
    I hope it has like 12 achivments and all of them is complete such a mission 50 gamerscore and goes higher each time
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