Skate 3 Achievements
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Saturday, 03 April 2010 00:35


What ever happened to the day when you got on a board and busted tricks for achievements, eh? Skate 3 achievements below include staffing your team, selling skateboards and reaching sales targets....


There are 'team' achievements thrown in there too which means you are going to have to rely on your friends. I can see the squabbles on Live already. What I don't understand is why EA don't call the game sk8 as that would made a better marketing name. So when Skate 4 comes out they can just call it Sk4te. Geddit? No imagination EA.


Skate 3 is due May 11. The demo is due this month on Xbox Live.





It takes a really big village… - 50 points

Reach community board sales target


Park Apprentice - 20 points

Complete the skate.Park tutorials


Takin 'em to the limit - 20 points

Get the terrain meter in the red for your own skate.Park


Constructive Criticism - 20 points

Rate 5 skate.Parks, 5 Films, and 5 Photos


Artsy Fartsy - 20 points

Upload 5 Films and 5 Photos, and 3 skate.Parks


Sellout! - 20 points

Create a Logo and put it on your Skater


Objectifier - 10 points

3 Moveable objects used in a single sequence


Mantastic Voyage - 10 points

3 manuals in a single sequence


Don't be so Mayo - 20 points

Land a Miracle Whip (Superdude body flip)


100% Pure Adrenaline - 10 points

Fly Spread Eagle for 10 seconds


Employee #3 - 20 points

Earn your second career teammate


Dedicated - 100 points

Everything beaten, everything unlocked, everything earned


Party at the Penthouse - 10 points

Win both Maloof Money Cup contests


T-Mobilized - 10 points

Win the T-Mobile sponsored contest


Employee #2 - 10 points

Earn your first career teammate


Beast Unleashed - 10 points

Win the Monster contest


Deck Peddler - 75 points

1 Million boards sold


GVR Champ - 10 points

Win the Goofy vs. Regular contest


Making a Buddy Call - 10 points

Call a Skater to come skate with you


Talking bout Team practice - 10 points

Play in a 6-player Team Freeskate session


You’re Winner! - 10 points

Win a Ranked Online Solo Challenge


Co-Operator - 10 points

Complete an Online Career challenge


Throw Down - 10 points

Win a Ranked Online Team Challenge


Team Up - 20 points

Be part of a team with two or more skaters


Lot Pwners - 10 points

Win a Ranked Team Own The Lot


High Five! - 25 points

Win any 5 Ranked Challenges


Is that all you got? - 50 points

Own all challenges


Speed Demon - 10 points

Win the final deathrace


In Stereo - 20 points

Complete Coach Frank's skate.School Tutorials


Masochist - 10 points

Beat the "Thorax Crunch" Hall of Meat Challenge


Spot Monopolist - 30 points

Own all of the spots


All your base are belong to you - 10 points

Unlock the Team HQ


Employee #1 - 10 points

Start your team


Big-Footy - 10 points

Beat the film ender


A Dynasty Is Born - 30 points

Fully staffed your team


Mass Murderer - 50 points

Kill 80 challenges


The Consumate Pro - 20 points

Complete all pro challenges


King of Kings - 20 points

Win the street and tranny ender contests


Lot Monopolist - 30 points

Own all of the lots


Sexiest Skater Alive - 20 points

Get the covers of Skateboard Mag and Thrasher


Overexposed - 20 points

Complete all Promotional Films and Photos


Employee #4 - 20 points

Earn your third career teammate


Secret Achievements


Secret Achievement - 20 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement


Secret Achievement - 20 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement


Secret Achievement - 20 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement


Secret Achievement - 10 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.


Secret Achievement - 20 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement



Comments (3)
  • Cari  - OMG!
    I'm gonna explode waiting for this game!
  • Anonymous  - Answer
    how do u get big points at monster contest
  • kerch
    keeping up preferably the 3x multiplier and doing a load of combos; grind, grab, flips...whilst also varying them up and not doing the same trick over and over.
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