10 Greatest Cheats EVER!
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Saturday, 16 January 2010 02:40
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If only. Before I get 'omgz where doz you get it' messages, there is no such controller with extra buttons and stick.  There are however been some amazing individual cheats and this article will highlight the most easiest ones you will ever come across. The Ten Greatest Cheats Ever!.....


These are the cheats that change the face of the game or make a hard achievement ridiculously easy. There are even cheats where you would ask the developer 'what were you thinking?' Some of these have been patched or disabled but there are some still active. Just remember to confess on your deathbed and in your will, if you ever feel guilty at all about using these cheats.





This cheat is so simple, it is stupid. To get a PERFECT WIN achievement worth 50 points, you need to win a game on Perfect without the other team scoring. Pretty hard to do legit, so scrub that. Start a new game and pick a kick ass team like Brazil to be your opposition. Let them score all over you, then in the 89th minute just as the game is about to end, head into the game menu and SWITCH sides. Well, well you are now on the WINNING team and the achievement is yours. Click here for the guide.




To get a Bronze, Silver or Gold star achievements you need win certain matches during an opponents win streak online. Not the easiest thing to do on a game that is rated extremely skill-based and hard. So what do you do? You use a second controller to win against you, then win one match against the controller, then simply start an online match, and the achievements pop before you even throw a punch. Amazing skill, hey?





This cheat is dirty and cheap and bordering ever so slightly towards underhanded. Enter codes, achievements pop. The only thing that keeps this cheat legit is that the developers GAVE the codes out, so like what were they thinking? A 25 hour plus game now becomes five minutes (or however long it takes to enter those codes) and the fastest 1000 point game since Avatar. Click here for the guide.





There were cheats codes for Underworld, then at the last minute the developers patched the game and disable the cheats. So if you play a non-updated game or removed the update from the game, you can still cheat, which to me is the best kind of cheating. You are using cheat codes like Invincibility and One Shot Kill when you are not meant to be cheating, and unlocking hard achievements easy. Sweet. 





Not the most exciting title on the 360, but Gun had the most interesting cheat. Somehow a developer's tool ended up as a cheat and you had almost free rein on the game and the ability to play ANY part of the game, including replaying just the last boss fight for game completion achievements. In fact some people managed to skip the whole game all together and just play the last boss fight straight away. I suppose if you are in a hurry...Click here for the guide.





When 360 achievements was in its infancy, not many developers knew exactly what to do about them. Some launch titles gave huge achievement points while others just handed level completion points, like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. But Ghost Recon also had a cheat code for Invincibility and you could use it to complete the game on the hardest difficulty which kind of defeats the purpose of playing it on hard in the first place? I guess the developers thought gamers who wished to play to on hard would never cheat, why would they? Er..to get the achievement? Click here for the guide.





Collectible achievements to some people are just plain annoyance. I am not big fan myself, so when a glitch comes along that enables you to collect everything all in one swoop, then you thank the Roman God of Time Saving, Saturn (not too sure if it is Saturn, but anyway) and use it. Just Cause had quite a few collectibles and on a huge map, but if you found an ambulance and drove it into the water, curiously the screen would freeze and ALL the collectible achievements would pop one by one. Don't ask me why it has to be an ambulance, I just know it worked. Click here for the guide.





Why in God's name you may ask, King Kong cheats are placed in the number three spot? Because this game is simply dire. The controls are clunky, the graphics appalling and the game is also very, very buggy. Halfway playing through this awful game I discover there are cheats and they don't affect achievements. I sank to my knees and thank the God of Time Saving (again) because the cheats were an absolute GODSEND. Trust me, playing this dreadful game with cheats, and they DO become the greatest cheats ever. Click here for the guide.





I always do love a money glitch in RPG's and Oblivion had quite a number of them, ones that make you absolutely filthy rich easy. But unlike other RPG's, there was no need to level up to use the most powerful weapons, so you could easily buy them off the shelf with your ill-gotten gains, including a very high powerful staff. That's right, you are at level 5, a billionaire with the most powerful staff in the game. Do the math. Enemies and bosses at level 50 didn't have a chance. Click here for the guide.





Ghost Recon again. Truly the most sought after achievement EVER, the holiest grail of all gaming, is to be number one on a WORLD leaderboard. The bragging rights associated with such a feat are immeasurable. So to be able to cheat to get it using just a second controller and while you are asleep has to be the ultimate cheat. Sadly this was only available for a limited time before they (party poopers) patched it. All you had to do was auto-host a bunch of matches with your second controller overnight and by morning you would be World Champion. However they disabled signing a guest profile into ranked matches. It is still possible to do it with multiple different accounts, but apparently the guy on top of the current leaderboard has forty accounts, so you be pretty hard pressed to get near him.



If you think this list is rubbish or you have a cheat you know is amazing that should have been included, please comment below.  CLICK HERE for our Cheats That Unlock Achievements section if you want more cheats.









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