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1. More Kinect Bashing
  I am going to sneak in a little Kinect bashing here. Just for a little bit amusement for all the non-conformists. Posted below is a video that will not surprise you, but it did embarrass Microsoft... ...
2. Kinect Joyride
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
    ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE ::   There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!   |||| ACHIEVEMENT LIST ::   Strike a Pose - 5 points Match 100 poses ...
3. Member Of The Month : Killabee12
(Member Of The Month/Member Of The Month)
... enough to keep you compelled and if it is a great story, it will totally get you sucked in and playing.     Are you planning on picking up Kinect?     If I ever have kids, so not anytime ...
4. How Is This News?
... and a wrestling game. How is this news then?...   There's about seventeen releases tomorrow, really dull. I mean we have 'exciting' Kinect games the following week so you could wait until then. ...
5. Kinect Joyride Achievements
  The TV spot for the Joyride (posted after the break) is embarrassing but at least the Kinect Joyride achievements look super easy. You get 100 points each for playing every vehicle offline ...
6. Easy Kinect Achievements
  With the release of Kinect just a few weeks away, it is time we had a good look at what shovelware sorry, games that will be on offer and the Easy Kinect Achievements. There is no official ...
7. E3 : Four Kinect Titles
  Here are four Kinect titles above announced by Microsoft, with another eleven coming in November and boy do they look like Wii titles. Microsoft has no shame. Notice that the first title on the ...


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