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Five Reasons To Go Natal
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 15 January 2010 03:12
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I am going to give you FIVE reasons for liking Project Natal, Microsoft's ambitious plans to dispose of the controller altogether. It is not because I like the idea, but because it could change the way we obtain achievements..



Of all of Microsoft's E3 announcements, Project Natal would have to be the most revolutionary and ambitious development since the Wiimote. I have said lately that Project Natal is no more than a gimmick and no real gamer would ever want to play without a controller. Playing Gears of War with an air gun just doesn't feel right. But seeing this is an achievement gaining site, here are FIVE reasons why we SHOULD embrace Natal and what it means in gaining achievements.




Not a big issue but of course now unfortunately you cannot pause the game, by taking the batteries out of the controller should you wish to like in say Trivial Pursuit to Google the answers. However you can block the camera, which is far easier. Natal apparently will be able to recognize your face and facial expressions, so wear a mask when becoming "Player 2" Easy points.









Because Microsoft want the learning curve to be almost nil, then it could be safe to say that playing and earning achievements via Natal, will initially be very, very easy. Like launch titles before where the achievements were super easy, the last thing developers want is for people to get frustrated using Natal. Microsoft have said that you will be able to CHOOSE if you want to use a controller or not. Of course there will be Natal only achievements, but they WILL be super easy. But if there are hybrid titles where you can choose a controller or Natal, then choose the controller and collect 1000 points in an hour.









Size matters. You will be able to scan equipment so my advice is to scan everything big. Stuck in boss battle in Street Fighter IV? Scan a foam hand, but keep it on. It will not be able to scan density, so a foam hand is nice and lightweight. Bash. Job done. Achievement unlocked.







Because the camera tracks 3D movement, then fooling the camera to what you are actually doing is going to be the biggest temptation for anyone who wants to cheat. Forget cheat codes, switch to Natal. I am sure that there will be absolute ingenious imaginative ways to defeat a boss like sticking boxing gloves on a electric fan.







Of course here's the flipside. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY will be a Noob to this when it comes out, which kind of levels the playing field again. No modded controllers or glitching, so a hard Natal achievement, say a ten move combo, can only be achieved by doing it physically in front of the camera.  See reason two above if you are stuck.


So if you want some real street cred or be hardcore, change your Gamertag to DoingEverythingNatal or LookNoController and then enter a Gears of War or Call of Duty Team Deathmatch. Worth more than a Level 100 badge any day.