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Don King Prizefighter
10 -15 Hours
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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 11:46
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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




Jab Master - 20 points

Take it up top and land 1000 Jabs in any game mode.


Hook Hero - 20 points

Take it up top and land 1000 Hooks in any game mode.


Uppercut Machine - 20 points

Take it up top and land 1000 Uppercuts in any game mode.


Stick and Move - 5 points

Show me you can dance around the ring kid and move more than your opponent!


Lightning KO - 20 points

KO an opponent in the first 60 seconds of round 1 in any game mode.


Twinkle Toes - 20 points

Rack up a ring mile.


Swinger - 35 points

Keep on throwing punches until your hands bleed!


Hot Shots - 50 points

Achieve 50 Signature Punch KO's in single or multiplayer!


Can't Touch This! - 10 points

KD an opponent without taking a single shot!


World Champion - 50 points

Become the World Champ in Career Mode.


Ring a Ding Bling - 30 points

Earn your first career million.


First Steps - 5 points

Turn Pro in Career Mode.


Don King Promoted - 30 points

Join Don's Team during your career.


Easy Pickings - 20 points

Defeat Nino Basilio.


Judge Dreadful! - 20 points

KO Dave Saddler!


One Armed Bandit - 20 points

KO Sven Zurilo!


Blind Fury - 20 points

KO Vassily Kablov!


3ml of G? - 20 points

KO Milton Forrest!


Party Animal - 20 points

KO Nyack Quartey after a big night out!


New Kid On The Block - 5 points

Create a Career Boxer.


Going the Distance - 150 points

Complete Career Mode!


Platinum Puncher - 100 points

Complete Career Mode on Champion difficulty.


Xbox LIVE Journeyman - 5 points

Win 5 ranked fights.


Xbox LIVE Contender - 10 points

Win 15 ranked fights.


Xbox LIVE Champ - 20 points

Win 35 ranked fights.


Xbox LIVE Legend - 40 points

Win 50 ranked fights.


Long Way Down - 42 points

Beat every fighter in Career Mode.


Tournament Champ - 30 points

Win a Ranked Tournament.


Who's Winning Then? - 10 points

Play ten back to back multiplayer games.


Secret Achievements


Signature Smash Down! - 5 points

You KO'd another boxer with a Signature Punch, way to go Kid!


Training Game Superstar! - 30 points

Damn kid, you been hitting the gym? Reached World Champion in all training games.


Loser! - 3 points

You Loser... Lost 3 fights in a row.


Team Calzaghe -30 points

Now get back to Newbridge and get training again! Won online fights as both Enzo and Joe.


Top Form! - 25 points

PERFECT! Scored World Champion on any training game.


Switcher - 10 points

A southpaw and an orthodox fighter are both knocked down in the same match.


PERFECT KO! - 10 points

Did you write the Ring Craft Book? Knocked out an opponent without taking any damage.


Sinister - 5 points

Meow! Defeated an opponent using a southpaw boxer.


Comeback King - 10 points

That was one hell of a comeback! Knocked out an opponent who had nearly put your boxer down.


The King of Queensbury - 25 points

You've rewritten the history book, kid! Completed all Classic Fights.