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Free Game Room Achievements
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Saturday, 27 March 2010 00:00


There's nothing like FREE achievements where you pay nuthin. Game Room, the virtual retro arcade by Aussie Krome Studios, has 80 achievement points that you can unlock within 5 minutes of entering without spending any coin...


You will of course need to download the free game (270 MB) and the free two Game Packs, (70 MB each). But after that, just enter and fiddle about decorating your arcade, visit a friends arcade and you don't even have to play anything and eighty points are yours. Check below on how!  Is 80 achievement points enough enticement to spend MS points and buy some old low-tech retro game with low-tech graphics to get more achievements? Probably for some, not for others.  Be warned because I think getting a 1000 points could get expensive.


Game Room is now available to download on Xbox Live.





Show Me! -  5 points

Visit the Showcase Arcade


You will have need to have downloaded Game Pack 001 for this to unlock. When at the main menu, just press X to enter Showcase Arcade, and it will unlock.

My First Theme - 5 points

Place a Theme in your arcade


Enter My Arcade and then just scroll across to a room and press Y. Select any unlocked Theme.


Theme Filler -  20 points

Place 5 unique Themes in your arcade


Do the same as above with four different themes on another four rooms.


My First Decoration -  5 points

Place a Decoration in your arcade


See Room Filler achievement below.


Proptastic -  20 points

Place 5 arcade Decorations in your arcade


See Room Filler achievement below.



Room Filler-  20 points

Fill an entire room


Each room has eight spots to fill. Just enter a room and place an item on each of the eight spots.



The Visitor -  5 points

Visit a Friend’s arcade


At the main menu select Friends. Scroll to a friend who has downloaded the Game Room then press X to visit their arcade.




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