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UFC 2010 Undisputed Achievements
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Saturday, 17 April 2010 00:26


Seriously, 100 Rank wins. Does ANYONE out there expect to do this achievement legit? Just curious as if you stumbled upon this site looking for easy achievements and UFC 2010 Undisputed achievements are on the front page you would expect them to be easy...


Maybe some of them are. It is when a developer throws in 100 rank wins, this is a grind whether you do legit or boost. UFC 2009 had the same achievement and this just rates as a developer being uncreative or lazy. Take your pick.


UFC 2010 Undisputed is due May 25.











Puppeteer - 10 points

Create a fighter in Create A Fighter


Puppetmaster - 15 points

Win a fight against the CPU with a fighter you've created in Create A Fighter


As Real As It Gets - 20 points

Experience an entire 8 fight event card in Event Mode


White Belt - 15 points

Win 10 Xbox LIVE Exhibition matches in total


Baby Steps - 10 points

Win an Xbox LIVE Exhibition Ranked match


Hot Hands - 30 points

Win 10 Xbox LIVE Exhibition Ranked matches consecutively


Olympic Mixed Martial Artist - 20 points

Xbox LIVE Exhibition - Obtain all types of gold medals


Warriors, Come Out And Play - 10 points

Join an Xbox LIVE Camp


Under Your Wing - 15 points

Act as a trainer in Xbox LIVE Camp Training


Hall of Famer - 50 points

Compete in a Champion vs. Champion fight and also make the UFC Hall of Fame in Career Mode


So Now You're A Fighter - 150 points

Complete the Career Mode


Gotta Catch 'Em All - 30 points

Collect all Topps UFC trading cards


Submission Technician - 20 points

Win a fight with a Submission Transition


It's The Jits! - 15 points

Win a fight by Submission against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1


Steamroller - 15 points

Win a fight by KO/TKO against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1


Kay. Tee. Eff. Oh! - 15 points

Win a fight by Flash KO against a CPU opponent


Veteran Champion - 50 points

Complete the Title Defense Mode


Budding Champion - 50 points

Complete the Title Mode


Learned Student - 20 points

Go through all tutorials


Tournament Title Holder - 15 points

Win at least one championship in the Tournament Mode


Testing the Waters - 20 points

Play all modes at least once, check the shop and all options


Honorable Fighter - 20 points

Touch gloves at the beginning of 10 matches


Ultimate Unlocks - 50 points

Complete all A, B, and C class challenges (Red and Blue Corner) in a fight in Ultimate Fights Mode


Pound For Pound Champ - 50 points

Win a Champion vs. Champion fight in Career Mode


Yellow Belt - 20 points

Win 25 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches


Purple Belt - 30 points

Win 50 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches


Brown Belt - 40 points

Win 75 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches


Black Belt - 50 points

Win 100 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches


Coming Up Next... - 10 points

Download an Event for Event Mode


The Cessation Sensation! - 25 points

Win by all methods of stoppage against the CPU (KO, TKO, Submission, Doctor Stoppage)


Bobbin' And Weavin' - 30 points

Dodge 3 consecutive strikes via sway (Outside of Tutorial Mode)


Blog Fodder - 15 points

Complete a post-fight interview in Career Mode


Move Mastery - 25 points

Reach "World Class" (Level 3) status with a technique or move


Secret Achievements


Secret Achievement - 15 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement


Secret Achievement - 10 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement


Secret Achievement - 15 points

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement





Comments (3)
  • Darryl Kensley  - WoW
    "Win a fight by Submission against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1"

    Lets hope the new BJJ system makes this even possible...
  • xKOx CaPoNe  - INTERESTING!!
    Achievements Seem Real Attainable ... All Except Expert Submission In 60 Secs . Thats Gonna Take Practice

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