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Sunday, 25 April 2010 00:06
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Our Boosting Section is back. If you are still quite new to the idea of achievement gaining, then you are probably wondering what's all this talk of online boosting? How can these people talk about meeting online when the game selects only random players ? Read on as I will explain what, when (and when not to) and how to find Games to Boost ...


What is Boosting?


Boosting is when you play multiplayer online purely for gaining achievements (some people may include ranking here but I will get to that point a little later). You organize with friends or other players via forums or chat to meet up at certain time and then you take it turns in getting head shots or winning matches in order to gain the achievements. Typically gamers like to call these games as "boosting sessions"  or  "achievement trading" and you can see some examples of these here at our boosting forum. 


How is this possible?


How is it possible to meet friends when the game only selects random players? It all depends on the game. A lot of games out there have barren online multiplayer and lobbies. Especially games that have been out for a while. The only way to unlock the online achievements is to organize boosting sessions and finding friends isn't a problem at all when there are only a few.


If the game has just come out, then it can be a little tricky. Some games let you see and choose the host. Or if you have organized a big enough party, then start searching around the same time, chances are some of you can be thrown together. Once you have been, then use Recent Players through your dashboard and select Preferred Player. This will increase the chances of being thrown together again. Make sure you all choose exact match type variables as this will also increase your chances.


When should I boost?


I am not talking about playing at 7 am. I am talking about boosting etiquette or code of behaviour. If a game is old and not many people are playing it, then finding legit games can be difficult. Most people would agree that boosting with friends in this instance would be the only way to unlock the achievements, so this is acceptable. 


However if the game is still pretty new or prefixes with Call, Halo or Gears, then you seriously need to take a step back for a minute. Boosting for rank or online achievements in these games can be somewhat precarious. Technically achievements and ranks are the same thing. Both are purely just symbols of reputation and boosting for a rank badge in Call Of Duty is no different than cheating for achievement in Harry Potter. It is still cheating. Unfortunately (hypocritically) some people don't see it that way and are very protective of the ranks even though some have used cheats in the past. Understandably if you have spent 200 hours reaching a rank legit, seeing people boost to get there would make you angry.


Nevertheless lets us draw a line here. If you are boosting for achievements and / or rank and it is ruining someone else's game, then DON'T DO IT. It will only create a bad atmosphere. Entering a public match and asking complete strangers if they want to boost is also not cool and most people find this annoying. Boosting with friends in organized sessions or private matches is,  as long as it stays private.


Lets Boost then!


Fortunately this site has complied a list of games that are good for boosting. This list is not definitive, but it is a good start. If you are struggling to find a boosting partner, you can try posting in our Boosting Forum or posting in our Boosting Calendar of when you are free. You will need to be a member of our forum before you can post and you can sign up here.


Credit goes to CovertPimpSloth in helping compile the list.