Lego Batman
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Friday, 19 February 2010 05:15
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This game has cheats that DO NOT AFFECT ACHIEVEMENTS.




Please click here for our achievement guide


This game has cheats that DO NOT AFFECT ACHIEVEMENTS (except for one) Please note that the "Unbreakable" achievement requires "extras" (cheats) to be disabled.


Enter these cheats in the computer in the Batcave or Arkham Asylum. They will then be available in the Extra's menu.



 CHEAT                                   CODE
Always Score Multiply 9LRGNB
Area Effect TL3EKT
Armor Plating N8JZEK
Bats XFP4E2
Beep Beep RAFTU8
Character Studs DY13BD
Decoy TQ09K3
Disguise GEC3MD
Extra Toggle EWAW7W
Fast Batarangs JRBDCB
Fast Build GHJ2DY
Fast Grapple RM4PR8
Fast Walk (Magnet suit) ZOLM6N
Flaming Batarangs D8NYWH
Freeze Batarang XPN4NG
Ice Rink KLKL4G
Minikit Detector ZXGH9J
More Detonators TNTN6B
Piece Detector KHJ544
Power Brick Detector MMN786
Score x2 Multiplier N4NR3E
Score x4 Multiplier CX9MAT
Score x6 Multiplier MLVNF2
Score x8 Multiplier WCCDB9
Silohuettes YK4TPH
Sonic Pain THTL4X
Stud Magnet LK2DY4





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