Battlefield Bad Company 2 Achievements
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 01:47


There's something missing in the Battlefield Bad Company 2 achievement list. Something that almost always appears on any first person shooter or even some kids games. I am thinking DICE the developers may have pulled a fast one here...


If you look closely at the list, there is no achievement for completing the campaign on Hard. There is only one for completing a mission. The mission may be long, who knows. It might be even Special Ops x 10 although I doubt it. Even most of the online achievements look very doable. Knife five friends achievement? Surely you just knife your team mates. 30 second achievement right there. DICE, what's going on?


Battlefield 2 Bad Company is due March 2. The demo is available now on Xbox Live. Add it to your Xbox 360 download queue HERE






















I knew we'd make it - 15 points

Campaign: finish Operation Aurora


Retirement just got postponed - 15 points

Campaign: finish Cold War


It's bad for my karma man! - 15 points

Campaign: finish Heart of Darkness


They got all your intel? - 15 points

Campaign: finish Upriver


Salvage a vehicle - 15 points

Campaign: finish Crack the Sky


Alright, here it is - 15 points

Campaign: finish Snowblind


Nobody ever drowned in sweat - 15 points

Campaign: finish Heavy Metal


Ghost rider's here! - 15 points

Campaign: finish High Value Target


Sierra Foxtrot 1079 - 15 points

Campaign: finish Sangre del Toro


Thanks for the smokes, brother! - 15 points

Campaign: finish No One Gets Left Behind


Save me some cheerleaders - 15 points

Campaign: finish Zero Dark Thirty


Turn on a light - 15 points

Campaign: finish Force Multiplier


P.S. Invasion cancelled, sir - 30 points

Campaign: finish Airborne


It sucks to be right - 50 points

Campaign: finish Airborne on Hard


New Shiny Gun - 15 points

Campaign: find 5 collectable weapons


Guns Guns Guns - 50 points

Campaign: find 15 collectable weapons


Link to the Past - 15 points

Campaign: destroy 1 satellite uplink


Communication Issues - 15 points

Campaign: destroy 15 satellite uplinks


Complete Blackout - 50 points

Campaign: destroy all satellite uplinks


Ten Blades - 15 points

Campaign: 10 melee kills


Taxi! - 15 points

Campaign: drive 5 km in any land vehicle


Destruction - 15 points

Campaign: destroy 100 objects


Destruction Part 2 - 30 points

Campaign: destroy 1000 objects


Demolish - 15 points

Campaign: demolish 1 house


Demolish Part 2 - 30 points

Campaign: demolish 50 houses


Assault Rifle Aggression - 15 points

Campaign: 50 kills with assault rifles


Sub Machine Gun Storm - 15 points

Campaign: 50 kills with sub machine guns


Light Machine Gun Lash Out - 15 points

Campaign: 50 kills with light machine guns


Sniper Rifle Strike - 15 points

Campaign: 50 kills with sniper rifles


Wall of Shotgun - 15 points

Campaign: 50 kills with shotguns


Multiplayer Knowledge - 15 points

Online: reach Rank 10 (Sergeant I)


Multiplayer Elite - 50 points

Online: reach Rank 22 (Warrant Officer I)


Assault Expert - 15 points

Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Assault kit


Engineer Expert - 15 points

Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Engineer kit


Medic Expert - 15 points

Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Medic kit


Recon Expert - 15 points

Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Recon kit


Battlefield Expert - 50 points

Online: obtain all unlocks in any kit or all Vehicle unlocks


15 Minutes of Fame -15 points

Online: play for 15 minutes


Mission... Accomplished - 15 points

Online: in a round do one kill with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-7


Pistol Man - 15 points

Online: get 5 kills with every handgun in the game


Airkill - 15 points

Online: roadkill an enemy with any helicopter


Et Tu, Brute? - 15 points

Online: knife 5 friends


Demolition Man - 15 points

Online: get 20 demolish kills


Careful Guidence - 15 points

Online: destroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG


The Dentist - 15 points

Online: do a headshot kill with the repair tool


Won Them All - 15 points

Online: win a round in all online game modes


Squad Player - 30 points

Online: obtain the Gold Squad Pin 5 times


Combat Service Support - 15 points

Online: do 10 resupplies, repairs, heals, revives and motion mine spot assists


Award Aware - 15 points

Online: obtain 10 unique awards


Award Addicted - 30 points

Online: obtain 50 unique awards




Comments (7)
    I need to play the bf to get ready for this
  • phoenixthreat
    I don't know this looks like yet another MW2 ripoff
  • FlowingBits
    The demo is fun might give it a shot.
  • spokensuperman
    like the demo alot, better then mw2 i think, getting it when it comes out.
  • Emperor Rosko
    @ phoenixthreat, go f*ck urself! Get a life, does that mean all driving games are rip offs of forza?? No, its called genre variety! For a starter battlefield has more than cod, vehicles, 12v12 (without lag) bigger maps, and the players who play battlefield are team players! so go f*ck off back with the sheep on cod, battlefield aint for you!!
  • Anonymous  - bf bc 2
    i have the game i think its alot better than mw2 i mean u can work as a team with ur friends jus get 3 of them and go into a squad and 2 of u be a medic make sure u have a difibulator 1 of u be a recon and the other an enginer all go into a party and injoy. thats what i do and its great crack. although its kinda borin playin by yourself. and the first few lvls in the campain are kinda borin but all the rest is goodand its pretty funny. overall the game is alot better than all of the call of duties.
  • Anonymous
    kinda pi*ses me off that everybody compairs shooters to CoD... battlefield and CoD have only one thing in common... they both have guns! Cod basically has no physics but still lacks up under the slightest pressure but bfbc2 has s**t blowing up all around and still remains smooth to play and sniping actually requires skill.. not just some kids running around on hardcore with an m21 and an acog lol the only real downside to battlefield is the fact that only certain maps are available in certain game types... i think even the smaller maps are more than large enough to cope with all modes on offer!
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