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1. Monkey Island 2: SE Achievements
  Cut and paste must be a 'tip of the day' amongst some developers as here is another game, Monkey Island 2 Special Edition : LeChucks Revenge, with almost the same achievements as the first... ...
2. The Secret Of Monkey Island 2 Screens
  LucasArts sent new screens some time back of The Secret Of Monkey Island 2 : Le Chucks Revenge. I would have posted them sooner except I couldn't choose. Then LucasArts released some more... ...
3. Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Screens
  LucasArts have announced via Twitter, of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition which will be available this summer on Xbox Live Arcade. Check out the screens below that LucasArts have sent, as they ...
4. Crash Bandicoot : Mind Over Mutant
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... in your pocket   Oo Oo Ah Ah - 20 points Defeat 75 Doom Monkeys   Goo Squared - 20 points Fully Upgrade Sludge   Fashion Fury - 20 points Defeat 75 Brat Girls   Shell Shocked - 20 ...
5. The Secret Of Monkey Island
(Xbox 360 Games/Arcade)
...  Complete Part Two: The Journey. Guybrush used a voodoo spell to travel to Monkey Island   This achievement is story related, so it cannot be missed.     Under Monkey Island - 25 points Completed ...
6. You're In The Movies
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... - 10 points Play Flight of Fancy and ride in the plane   Run For Your Life - 15 points Don't get caught in both Monkey Run and Tornado Run   Movie Editor - 20 points Score maximum points ...
7. Lego Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... times for the achievement to unlock.   Note: You can only save and exit if you have picked up some LEGO pieces.     Bad dates! - 20 points Give 20 bananas to monkeys   At the start of the ...
8. Kung Fu Panda
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
... it now, pick up the next figurine first. Monkey Figurine : After you shoot the wolves, you go back up, turn right and eventually into a forced stumble down a hill.  After the stumble, stop, turn ...
9. Night At The Museum : BOTS
(Xbox 360 Games/Under 5 Hours)
... the giant squid and picked up the tablet.   In Orbit - 10 points Free Able from her Restraints   Story progression achievement. When you approach Able (the space monkey) a cut scene will ...


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