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1. Two Worlds II Achievements
... - 15 points Wake the Army of Golems   I See Dead People... - 15 points Receive the gift of the Scavengers        ...
2. Turning Point : Fall Of Liberty
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... Army. Use Grapple or Shooting tactics to kill for these to unlock.     Dead-eye - 50 points Complete any mission with an accuracy of 80% or higher on Normal or higher difficulty   For this ...
3. Man vs Wild Trailer
... Potentially this could an RPG if you think about it. Get experience points for staying alive? This same publisher also plans to release another Discovery Channel TV show, Deadliest Catch : Sea of Chaos. ...
4. Red Dead Redemption
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... - 20 points Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge   The Gunslinger - 5 points Score a headshot on any enemy using Expert targeting mode   Man of Honor / Chivalry's Dead ...
5. Iron Man 2
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
... it begins, blow up the three marked points on the tower to cut off his super powers and then just keep shooting him until he's dead. Completing this level will earn you the following achievements:   ...
  Red Dead Redemption achievements have been posted earlier except now we get the full list and they are not as easy looking as they were before. Developers Rockstar have almost given the ...
  Here's a first. Rockstar Games have kindly given a sneak peak of the achievements for Red Dead Redemption before they have officially appeared on Xbox.com and provided "achievement pics"...  ...
8. Mass Effect 2
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... back after major story missions and some shops will stock new upgrades   Assault Rifle Upgrades found during missions -search dead Turian while heading to Mordin's clinic -scan Geth rifle on Haestrom ...
9. TMNT 1989 Arcade
(Xbox 360 Games/Arcade)
... game with your account on controller 1 (P1). Let C1 die and continue through the game as normal with C2. When you are fighting Krang and he is almost dead, press start on C1 and let Krang take him down ...
10. Two Worlds
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... Redismos, the man that gave you Teleport access, just southeast of Komorin village. I think his name was Warmor Tanger. Or you can find them sometimes on dead enemies.   Go to your Magic Inventory ...
11. Dead Space
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
    ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE ::   Difficulty : 6/10 Offline : 48 Online : Nil Time to 1000 : 15 - 25 hours Minimum playthroughs : 3 (one required for a weapon achievement) Dead ...
12. Secret Service : Ultimate Sacrifice
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
...  Delgado DUI - after you snipe the fourth RPG terrorist on top of the Lincoln Memorial, three more enemies will attack you. The one in the orange vest drops the phone Reacquire Targets - past the dead ...
13. Dark Messiah of Might & Magic : Elements
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... not a Mage, then use scrolls, but this will take longer as you need to find scrolls and collect mana. Thanocide -  25 points Kill 50 enemies amongst spiders, undeads or ghouls.   This ...
14. Army Of Two
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... method for the Handgun and Sniper Rifle achievements. For the Submachine gun (SMG) achievement, just exchange your SECONDARY weapon with your AI partner during the exchange tutorial.   Dead Man's ...
15. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
... Map , they spawn on the beach, so head down there with a grenade launcher and you can rack up about 10 - 15 at a time.     Deadly (Multiplayer) - 20 points Get 4 kills in 4 seconds or less in multiplayer ...
16. 10 Greatest Cheats EVER!
... guide.   DEAD OR ALIVE 4   To get a Bronze, Silver or Gold star achievements you need win certain matches during an opponents win streak online. Not the easiest thing to ...


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