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1. New Dead Space 2 Screens
  New Dead Space 2 screens have popped up at French site Digital Games. They look kind of compressed and my French is a little rusty,  so I am not too sure exactly if they are official. You ...
2. 3d Ultra Mini Golf
(Xbox 360 Games/Arcade)
... 90 degrees and it's there Barrel Blast, behind the old shack   Explorer Course Dead Man's Creek, behind a tree stump Water Tower, just hit the ball up the pipe and you will get it on the ...
3. Lego Indiana Jones 2 : The Adventure Continues
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... was closer - 15 points Complete all Story Mode Levels in Skull 1 Hub   I meant drop dead... Comrade - 20 points Complete all Treasure Mode Levels in Skull 1 Hub   What are you, like 80? - 25 ...
4. Dead Space
  This game has cheats that DO NOT AFFECT ACHIEVEMENTS. CHEATS ::   DEAD SPACE Please click here for our achievement guide   Pause the game then enter one of the following ...
5. Member Of The Month : YouStayClassy
(Member Of The Month/Member Of The Month)
... 2, BioShock 2, and the new Army of Two game. I'm also heavily anticipating the new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC because I love the direction that series is going.     You are ranked No. 1 in South Dakota. ...
6. Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... back right corner of the final area. You may die getting it as it is a 'dead end' you have to try and turn around and get back out.   The 4x Multiplier is in Chapter 3 (Falcon Flight) of Episode 5, ...
7. Fallout 3
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... Behemoth. Tip: there is a Fatman on a dead body Brotherhood soldier in the central fountain. Be careful with it! After its dead, you will talk to Three Dog.     Galaxy News Radio - 20 points Completed ...
8. Dead Space
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
    ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE ::   Difficulty : 6/10 Offline : 48 Online : Nil Time to 1000 : 15 - 25 hours Minimum playthroughs : 3 (one required for a weapon achievement) Dead ...
9. Ironman
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... DEAD!!!!!!!! JOB DONE! I felt a little cheated that I couldn’t finish him myself by ripping off his head Or something,  but hey who cares the achievements started popping. Sidekick - 75 ...
10. Eat Lead : The Return of Matt Hazard
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
...    Multiplayer Master! - 30 points "What? No multiplayer? Sigh. Well...not like we can take the achievement back NOW...."   Disco is Dead - 20 points Defeat Sonny Tang. "Sonny, YOUR ass is kicked!" ...
11. Crackdown
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
... will probably get this at the same time as Shai-Gen Cleanser achievement, all bosses are dead.   Repo Man - 10 points Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles   If gang members drive past ...


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